Monday, June 05, 2006

Bishop Allen / Butterfly Nets

It looks like its time to tear another page from the calendar because June has come to us, rather quickly it seems. What does that mean in the grand picture, nothing much, just that the year is almost halfway through. I learned something really useful this weekend, a stiff drink (Dewars) is very appropriate when your nose is congested and you really don't have the full sense of taste. It makes that kick insignificant.

So every month this year, as I have noted earlier if you have been keeping track, Bishop Allen has an EP out. Every month they feature one track from the monthly release as a download on their website, they are nice like that.

Bishop Allen - Butterfly Nets

The thing about Bishop Allen is that they write quality tunes, their album Charm School is always on rotation at the Think Tank head quaters and probably will be till I get tired of good songs. If that isn't a recommendation, I don't know what is. Their monthly EPs are $5 each, and you can still pick them up at their store front along with Charm School.


At 3:33 PM, June 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

on one of your posts could you post a link to the beatles- my sweet lord, please?

At 5:00 PM, June 05, 2006, Blogger b said...

is that a beatles song? I think it was George Harrisons first single as a solo artist. Try here

At 7:49 PM, June 05, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you ever so kindly


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