Friday, April 20, 2007


I'm a big fan of the Daytrotter sessions and Eef Barzelay is one of the better artists that they have had featured on the site lately, at least in my opinion. I started listening to Eef Barzelay on his solo album and worked my way back to his band, Clem Snides' albums. This session features songs from his solo and Clem Snide work.

Four Eef Barzelay tracks at Daytrotter here.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


have couple of albums coming out soon that are worth mentioning. One is by one of my favorites, Minus Story and this other band Pterodactyl, which I am fairly new to. Their name means winged lizard and their album starts out with the squawks of what I assume is a winged lizard and then breaks into the spastic drumming of the first track Polio. The album rampages through few tracks and ends with Esses, the track that peaked my interest in this album. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Pterodactyl - Polio
Pterodactyl - Esses


And so it starts...With 67 games in the win column this year, the Dallas Mavericks first playoff match up is set, Saturday they will face the Golden State warriors. This won't be easy, the Warriors somewhat worries me but I think we can roll through them.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Human The Death Dance

The front runner for hip hop album of the year has been playing in my cd player for the past week. The album is Human The Death Dance and the MC is Sage Francis. I've been a Sage Francis fan since his Non-Prophets debut album. His first Epitaph releases was good but this, his second, is a much greater achievement. Some of the my favorite albums I've panned on the first listen, this one started that way on first listen but it started to grow on me. Something clicked on the second listen, I think I started paying more attention to the lyrics and then eventually the albums production started to find more appreciation. Lyrically Sage is one of the best in underground hip hop so don't expect any less from him on this album.

Sage Francis - Hell Of A Year (ode to 2005) (available on Human The Death Dance, out April 2007 on Epitaph)

Few things related:

Dr. Nogatco (kool keith) - Live Dissection feat. Sage Francis & Sole
From Dr. Nogatcos' Nogatco Rd.

Non-Prophets - Damage
From Non-Prophets Hope

Sage Francis - Embarrassed (feat. Slug and Eyedea)
From Sage Francis' Sick of Waging War

Sage Francis - Mario Bros Freestyle
From Sage Francis' Still Sick... Urine Trouble)

More downloads here

I think I'm going to pre-order the double vinyl for $15, I think every album should come with this extras like this comes with:

... with a 36 page booklet containing the album's lyrics and background stories to the songs.

Each pre-sales order will come with these exclusive items:

An instrumental CD of the album (limited to pre-sales)
A "You Can't Kill Me Motherfucker" button (limited to pre-sales)
A signed 13 X 19 poster
A full color HTDD sticker
A Strange Famous Records sticker

Order the album at Sage Francis' record label Strange Famous Records.