Sunday, October 31, 2004

Spiderman 2 anyone

SPIDERMAN 2 & Mini Comic Convention, Rated PG 13
Saturday, November 6
Comic Convention Starts at 6 pm
Lyceum Lobby, Union, Level 3
Showing starts in Lyceum at 7 pm
$2 w/UNT I.D.

I haven't seen it yet and for $2 I'm there. I don't know about the Comic Convention though.

Halloween pt. 2

Filled us up a keg of Bud Light and drank that last night at Bens. Good times. I went as a priest, we came up with Father Pizzle later on in the night. We still got some more beer in the keg to finish but the location of the tap is a mystery to us so we'll have to see how this works out.

Carve yourself a pumpkin here.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween pt.1

Last night we started with some drinking games and then Joe took us to someones apartment where we hung out and drank some beers. Then our beers ran out and we went off wandering. Got stopped by a cop and got id'd and told to keep it down. So we started back to the apt to get some more beer and Ryan wanted to do some chalk drawings in front of a balcony of a party so I suggested "I heart Penis" he wrote that and they asked us to come up. Then about half hour later we got some guy to take his cloths off and walk through the party. I really didnt think he was going to do it but he didnt hesitate. He did his rounds for about 5 mins and then came back and put his cloths back on. We came back pretty nice and wasted and that was the night. Fun was had.


Friday, October 29, 2004


Today I voted. It took and hour and 15mins waiting in line but I got it done. This is the last day of early voting so everyone was there and the line reached outside the building to the next building over. My family already voted before me, this is the first election we all voted for the same presidential canidate. Last year we all voted for different canidates, this year we came together for the cause. Now we wait for the election to be over and the soon following recount.


I was thinking what was my idea of the perfect rock song. John Peel a famous British Radio personality died recently and the song which he dubbed the perfect rock song started showing up everywhere after. It wasn't by his favorite band or people he new or a band with chart success, he just thought it had all the elements of the perfect rock song. He gave his reason but I don't remember. His song was The Undertones - Teenage Kicks, which I downloaded and its okay I guess. The band was around in the late 70s-80s.

When I first heard the song that is my perfect rock song, I never thought about it I just new it after listening to it for a while. I sat there listening to it and I realized the song was perfect, there was no improving on it. It’s not my favorite song, not even a band that is one of my favorites. I was sitting in a stretcher in Medical City of Dallas right before surgery and I was really nervous about my surgery. Just laying there with a gown and IV already started in a room where they put people right before surgery. It was a heavily protected room with code entry and everyone had to be wearing a cap and scrubs to be in there. I sat there with about 10-12 people in there on beds right before surgery, I got wheeled on my bed to my parking spot and I waited there for a while for my doctor. There were curtains on both sides but at my feet I could see the chaos of all the nurses and surgeons walking back and forth. I was really nervous and my doctor hadn't shown up and I started singing this song to myself in my head. Then between nobody noticing me in a while and the chaos around me, I started humming it to myself and singing the lyrics and that was my last memory before I woke up and was given ice cubes to chew on and realized the surgery was over. But that was my only thought in my head, I could not think about how nervous I was and that was the point. It got me through that moment.

Interpol, “Evil”


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Army of Ponch

Ponch wants you to see his penis


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Saw this on Gorilla mask.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Lots of activity last night at the message board.

Think Tank Forums

Monday, October 25, 2004

Stranger Danger

So I'm sitting at my isolated spot in the library in the far corner and some guy comes by and asks me am I a TAMS student which is basically a smart high school kid who gets to go to college with the older kids. Well let me back up a little, the story has more to it.

So I'm sitting in my desk in the corner like I said in the Willis Library basement floor and I see and an Asian guy walk towards me looking around. He goes to the bookshelf 3 feet from the back of my desk. Right when he did this I new he was up to something because no one reads the archives because they are all computerized. I also saw a girl do this once when she wanted to talk to me about out Criminal Justice test but didn't know me. You see I actually do read the archives when I'm bored and it's not bad. So he gets a book right there and sits right next to me with a whole 10 or so empty desks next to me, I just lump it as a coincidence either that or he is trying to pick up on me. Then he gets up and puts it up and looks over my should and says how are you doing in your Math class, I respond, "I'm doing alright"

Then he sits down and asks me am I a TAMS student I said no and he ask was I a foreign exchange student, I said no I've lived in Texas my whole life. Then some random talk about each other then he says alright let me give me you number I have a company here and few other places. It's some online setup where he works with companies like Office Max and Barnes and Nobles and some others and he sets them up online for online shopping I think. So he gave me his card and he is CEO & Business Development. So he offers me a job and explains his company and asks me do I know some people who go here who are involved in his Co. He is a student of Business Marketing but he looks like he is in his late 20s maybe. Either way he said there was this guy coming by who was also a part of the Co. and if I was free Tuesday and I said I had to study all day so he said he'll give me a call sometime. I don't know if this guy is legit but he seems harmless.

After that I lost my attention span to study and read for 45 mins and left to pick up my 1hr photos. There are some nice pics which I will post up soon when I get them scanned.

Ashlee Simpson on SNL

So the Ashlee Simpson just fucked her career over Saturday on SNL. I never saw it but I found a link to it and damn its funny.

According the

"... on the same set where lip-syncing was once banned, with the same mouth that disparaged lip-syncing in last month's Lucky magazine, Ashlee let her Milli Vanilli pipes howl like nothing you've ever heard. Or at least thought you heard."

"....when she came out for the second song, well, that's when someone decided they really wanted to get fired. The music for "Pieces of Me" began playing again... with Ashlee's voice singing along. And this time her lips weren't moving.

So she started nervously dancing..."

To make up for the mess up she does a jig then walks off stage. I hate to say she deserves this but if you can't sing and you can't write good music you shouldn't be a musician.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hit it

Saturday, October 23, 2004



I'm loving the fridays, the first good night of partying and you always have saturday to continue the fun.

Went to the Bonfire last night and it was pretty fun, then we went to a party at ervins friends house which was pretty cool. There was a keg of Shiner and I like my Shiner. Met and talked to some interesting people. Including a blind guy who I watched play piano and a guy from Gaza.

Think Tank forums get more time than this page but I think more people pay attention to this page. I have more fun with figuring out all the ins and outs of message boarding and I post there a lot more. Anyone want to be an Administrator you know who to talk to or post some stuff feel free to do so. Also there are lots of albums and songs linked feel free to put up some. Or a link to a cool page or video.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Message Board

I'm launching a message board. No reason, just because I can. I'm not sure about the purpose but its there. So far its just me talking to myself.

The Greatest Message Board Ever Made (by me)


Disco Stu likes disco music

Here is a video from yesterday of Fidel Castro falling and breaking his knee. I guess communism was a failure.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A Little Distance

Tristeza is an instrumental band. They make good music, they make for better remixes. Thats what this is, a remix by my homeboy DNTEL. I wouldn't of downloaded this if I didn't see DNTEL's name attached to it and I've been into his stuff back in the high school days. I like every project I can get my hands on which he is on, which would probably number 4 out of 5. He is king of IDM.

Now its time for name dropping which sells the track. DNTEL does the instrumental and is one half of The Postal Service. Tristeza features Jimmy LaValle aka The Album Leaf, Tristeza being one of his side projects.

Tristeza - A Little Distance (Dntel Remix)

From a Basement on the Hill

I got on my bike and rode for the first time since early august. I can't ride like I use to for couple hours covering serveral miles but I'm starting back up. Also went to the Docs and he said I was a head of schedule and was impressed with my knees healing here is the dialog.

i'm laying down on his table thing so he can look at my knee. He moves it back an forth like he did last time.

Dr: "Oh that is good, its so tight...oh yea thats so tight"

I try not to laugh. Then he calls my mom over to show her

Dr. "Look how tight this is yea."

the enthusiasm is laughable. He did and said the same thing last time. Then he said I can ride my bike and suggested that I use the UNT rec center and said some machines to use and not to use a lot of weight. I didn't recall all what he said other than bike, step thingy, squats and not to do leg presses or any kicking motion activities. So I did my exercises today in my room after being lazy for 20 some odd days, its not the same with out the equipment so I just did some quadsets, isometrics and some others I don't know the names of. Soon my bionic knee shall be in full effect with more power, a knee in the head will take someones life. Watch out.

New Elliott Smith is fucking good especially the one song I aquired in August. I think it has the best lyrics he has ever written. Finally got the .rar opened and got to hear the album.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004



Something about mondays

Monday is when I get the most hits on this site. I got 42 yesterday, tied for the most in one day this month. Check this out also, this is where the people have been viewing from this month:

Country of origin
1. United States=== 347 ---97.7 %
2. United Kingdom=== 2 ---0.6 %
3. Canada=== 2 ---0.6 %
4. Brazil=== 1 ---0.3 %
5. Pakistan=== 1 ---0.3 %
6. Uruguay=== 1 ---0.3 %
7. Singapore=== 1 ---0.3 %

Total= 355 ---100.0 %

I want to see how many different countries I can get on the list.


Today (tuesday) marks the release of two great albums:

Elliott Smiths last album which I downloaded today and Ted Leos new album. I'm looking forward to both but mostly Ted Leo. I heard few tracks and I'm sold. I haven't heard a good punk record in a while so I'm anticipating "Shake the Sheets". described Ted Leo as "the thinking mans punk". Odd but I do agree.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Electric Six

Here is a tune "fo yo ass". It was a club hit but I think their "gay bar" song was a bigger club hit. Eitherway its a cool track that features Jack White from the White Stripes. He, Jack White is in a good place in his career where he can be on just about anyones album he feels like, he's going to also be on the new Beck but that won't be out for a bit. The White Stripes have some good songs but I think they're mostly hype. Don't get me wrong, some of their tracks are better than good and I have them in rotation on occasion but album wise it doesn't appeal to me. I have the last 2 albums and the Elephant album which everyone was saying is so good....2 or 3 good tracks, thats it. My favorites by the White Stripes; Hotel Yorba, Dead Leaves, Jolene cover, fell in love with a girl. Here's Electric Six track, if you want I can point you to the whole album I stumbled on in the web.

Electric Six feat Jack White - Danger (High Voltage)


Your hero and mine is coming to UNT on the 26th of October. The living legend John Stossel of 20/20 fame is coming by to speak to UNT students about....I forgot. Either way mark your calendars you know I have.

I just saw his picture and realized who he is....uhhhhh hmmmmmm well it's UNT what do you expect.

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Jon Stewart from the daily show was on crossfire, a show were a guy from the right and a guy from the left argue about "issues". They had Jon Stewart on to talk about his current #1 best selling book. He doesn't really talk about his book, most of the conversation is about how bad Crossfire is. I found an mp3 of the conversation from this past fridays show. Everyones talking about this on the internet, I've stumbled on this 5 times already just browsing pages this weekend so I thought I might as well post it.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

props to largehearted boy for the mp3

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Breaking out the beer bong again. Took down 6. Tackling that badass tonight again in Allen if anyone thinks they can handle the ride. Good times.


Well as it goes bands break up. When I was 14, the guy with the locker next to mine had a cut out picture from rolling stone of a band, I asked him who they were and he said they were Luna, "the most underrated band in the world". Of course that would catch my interest saying such a bold statement like that. So I went home and downloaded my first mp3 or mp2? ever, Luna, "Fuzzy Wuzzy", it was just a clip but it was all I could get. I thought the song was good but I didn't hear anything more of there material till about a year later. Then I bought their 4th album, Pup Tent with "Fuzzy Wuzzy" on it. It was alright, I liked maybe 2 or 3 songs. Then as time went by my musical tastes started maturing and I appreciated different kinds of music and I found myself listening the Pup Tent and liking a lot of songs. I heard they had another album out only in Europe because they got dropped from Elektra. "The Days of Our Nights" was the first import I ever bought. I read once Dean Wareham doing an interview in which he said that his goal for this band was to make every album better than the previous. Its a musicians cliché but this proved right for this album, then the next was better and so forth. Since, I have purchase the last 5 albums of theirs, each better than the previous, Romantica the newest being my favorite. I also got a side project of Dean Wareham’s with the bass player from Luna, Dean and Britta.

Luna has a Velvet Underground sound with a little more Dream pop. I once heard someone say that they were the American version of Belle and Sebastian. He has a talk singing voice, kind of talking kind of singing. They do the best Sweet Child O' Mine cover I have ever heard, its slowed down and more dream popish. They have a new album coming out, Rendezvous which is their last album. The farewell tour started yesterday, in Japan I think. I'm going to see them when they come here. Eight years listening to Luna.

I'm pretty sure there is no one who reads this web pages who will get into that kind of music so I didn't go off and look for a track to post on here. I had to mention Luna though because I was shocked when I heard they broke up yesterday and have been listening to them very frequently.

"Well they're swapping pharmaceuticals in Mussolini Park
And they're wigglin' and wobbilin' and dozin' in the dark
And it's winter in New Jersey and it's Christmas in New York
With a giggle and a stare and a bottle and a cork
And Kristina took your photo with a needle and a spoon
But she said we got to hurry cos her dad will be home soon
And these superfreaky memories have put me in my place
But then my superfreaky memories are gone without a trace"

Luna - superfreaky memories

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Shake The Sheets

Super Mario Rampage is basically mario with a shot gun shooting at his usual enemies but without a point. You just keep on going and shooting, theres no jumping and you kill as many enemies as possible. Further development might make it a little more interesting. I just like the concept of mario with a shotgun. Mario!

Hard Lime/ Hot Lemon


Fuck the (UNT Parking) Police. be continue after class, maybe I'll be less angry.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

white pepper


I might of mentioned the art of making a mix cd for yourself and the time required to make the perfect mix. You have to marinate on the songs for a 7 - 10 days to get the best flavor. Making a mix for someone else is different. Marination is less important because you can't tell when someone will get tired of songs. You have to try to get in their head and cite examples of their musical tastes while selecting tracks and try to work around that. Also there is the factor of track placement which is usually over looked but is key, the record labels know this, look at different track lists for different countries. A nice mix of aggressive and softer music has to be kept in mind so the cd would appeal to them in every kind of day and be relevant more often. Sometimes themes are good for special occasions but not don't let the theme saturate the whole cd.

I'm a loser

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I never realized that IE shows this webpage differently, I never use it anymore so I didn't see. Anyone who uses IE know when this started. I wish someone told me when it first happen so fixing it would only take a minute. The side bar is suppose to be right next to the most recent post but instead its in the bottom. Stupid IE.

Monday, October 11, 2004

...and in the news

Superman died yesterday.

Man staged robbery to impress wife.
Of course it happen in Oklahoma.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

80 windows

I was looking at and I realized he has his top 5 drummers posted. That was so my idea I even had it written weeks ago and saved to a text file for further development (figuring out names of people). Ya hearrrrrd ma

My favorite drummers at this moment:

1. Sam Fogarino - Interpol
2. Jim Eno - Spoon
3. Steven Drozd - Flaming Lips

4. Jeremiah Green - Modest Mouse (every album except the new one), Red Stars Theory
5. Bill Stevenson - Descendants & Black Flag & October Faction & All
6. Henry Dent - Single Frame Ashtray
7. Mark Smith - American Analog Set
8. Dave Grohl - Moe Syzlak Experiance
9. Benjamin Weikel - Modest Mouse new album
10. Tim Wright – Ted Leo and the Pharmacists & The Eaves

anyone else?

Tiger Woods got married...damn I missed my window


I want to see Primer

Opened in New York and Dallas.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Return of the Drunk Ventriloquist

Radiohead - India Rubber is in my top 5 radiohead songs and there are a lot of favorites. I like the drums in the track and the songwriting is great as usual.

Elliott Smith - Miss Misery is also one of my favorites from a person who I have lots of favorites. He performed this on national televison and almost won best song in a movie for this in "Good Will Hunting" but lost to Madonna? Evita? Don't cry for my Argentina? Fuck that. I cry for the people who picked that over Elliott Smith. I'm sure she need another award. Retire already!

Eels - Novacain For the Soul....before I sputter out.

Deathray Davies - Maggie is a great song from my favorite local band, local as in Dallas. I'm going to see them in Denton on the 23rd of October. Also the song I wanted I couldn't find. Fucking internet. Great Power pop, think weezer but they don't collapse because the second album doesn't sell as good as the first but fans love it and then they make two crappy records and abandon their hardcore fans for radioplay and mtv then later start working on an album trying to rekindle the flame so that the old fans would come back

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


1.2% of the people who looked at this page in the past 3 days is from canada. Which is one person.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Another year

October 5, 2004 marks 22 years

Well looks like todays the big 22 or double deuce like how I like to say it when I'm talking to cool people. So if I don't say double deuce in front of you that means you are not cool...or too cool. Now I shall treat myself to some homework after my instructors gave me the present of 2 test today. Not to forget the ticket I got today from the parking lot vultures. I think later on tonight I'll treat myself to couple of bars of soap from Wal-mart, who knows maybe I'll pick up some pencils too.


Monday, October 04, 2004


looking for something

Thank god it's monday. I have two tests tomorrow and I haven't felt up to studying for them yet. Atleast I'm not this guy.


I found some pogs in my garage. Any challengers?