Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Monday night was St. Patrick's day and I wasn't going to do much since it was a Monday and I thought I celebrated enough on the weekend but I got a call from one of my friends and he thought it would be worth while to see what was going on at the local bars. Somehow he convinced me and couple of bars later I'm sitting at my house wondering where my cell phone went. It rained a lot here the next day, for about 16 hours straight, my phone got about 3 hours of that. Here is what I have now:

I have a spare phone I'm using but going from a Windows Mobile PDA/phone to a nearly decade old samsung gets irritating. Today I have been working on recovering my T-Mobile Dash, I read couple of articles and I have the pieces under a heat lamp. I am 73% sure I can recover the phone. Any tips?

Ellen Allien - Naked Rain

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Monday, March 17, 2008

New Islands single and Anti's Spring 08 sampler

Anti is one of the better record labels around and in my own opinion is far more relevant than their parent label Epitaph. They have pretty a good roster of very diverse artists and to show case their new releases and future releases the label compiled a Spring 2008 ANTI Digital Sampler. I wasn't aware that the Islands signed to Anti so I went snooping around for something new by them and found this sampler which contains a new track from the new album In Arms Way and many other notable tracks from artist such as Cadence Weapon, Tim Fite, Man Man, Billy Bragg, DeVotchka, Lyrics Born and so on. The highlight for me is that new Islands track just because of my heightened anticipation to hear the follow up to Return to the Sea.

Islands - The Arm

ANTI sampler, Download it here

and lastly a preview of the music video for The Arm

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Animal Collectives Water Curses

I've been listening to the title track to Animal Collectives newest EP Water Curses repeatedly. I think I irritated few people at work listening to it so much, everyone already thinks I listen to weirdest music and I don't think this helped at all. There is just so much going on, its like a soundtrack to a carnival montage. What would the world be without insanity laced with beauty beautiful insanity. As a whole its a great EP, the title track stands out a lot but the supporting tracks all have their own merits. The first three tracks on the ep were from the same sessions that gave us Strawberry Jam and the last track recorded later. Its definitely worth picking up on May 6th on 12" and CD.

Animal Collective - Water Curse (-)

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Devil, You + Me

Finally, a new Notwist album is on the horizon with a new track titled Good Lies made available today. The album is titled The Devil, You + Me and they have been working on it the past 2 years and also already have a tour starting in April. I expected something more electronic, this more closely resembles their pre-Neon Golden era sound, not the metal one but the indie rock one. I like what I hear but that better not be the best track on the new album. The new album should be out May/June 2008.

The Notwist - Good Lies