Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mystery Jets / You can't fool me with a remix

I wish I knew someone named Dennis so I could strategically whip this song out at the right moment. I'd have such a smug look on my face as my head, titled slightly to the right, was slowly nodding. Now I'm going to have to find someone named Dennis.

The orignal
Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis
The Remix
Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis [Justice Remix]

I like the Justice remix better than the original, it very much does the song justice. That was so lame but I tried to push post without saying that and my arm just locked. I had to do it, maybe someday we can move past this?

Also: A live video, not the best quality but you get better understanding of the song live. Straight Youtubein' it:

Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis [Live video]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Colour Revolt

I don't know much about Colour Revolt other than that they are from Oxford, Mississippi, they used to be called Fletcher and they have an EP out on Esperanza Plantation Records. Great production on this track, there is something so familar about it. Something Modest Mousesque. Infact Clay Jones who mixed couple Modest Mouse albums mixed the band’s self-titled debut EP which contains this track. I like that intro instrumentalization a lot, it sets up the track perfectly.

Colour Revolt - Matresses Underwater

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Art Brut / Acoustic Radio Session

I've posted a track or two from this site in the past and since the news of Art Brut finally releasing their album in the US I've been listening to the album once again. Acoustic Brut doesn't have the punch that the album features but it is a different interpretation with just two members Eddy Argos on vocals & Jasper Future on the acoustic.

Recorded October 2005

Art Brut - Formed a band
Art Brut - Rusted guns of Milan
Art Brut - Modern art
Art Brut - These animal menswear
Art Brut - Bang bang rock 'n' roll
Art Brut - My little brother
Art Brut - Moving to L.A.

many more session from Planet Claire located here

Related: Art Brut, Live on KEXP, 3-25-2006 (mp3s)@ The Smudge (of Ashen Fluff)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ghostface and Doom

Nature Sounds' newest compilation Natural Selection features many hip hop artist showcasing current and future projects, the strongest among the tracks is the new one from the Ghostface and MF Doom collaboration.

Ghostface and Doom - Angeles (produced by MF Doom)

The first thing that most people listen to in a hip hop track is the production, luckily on this track Doom is behind the boards. This track features MF Dooms trademark looped strings, which can also be heard on this track by King Geedorah (another MF Doom alias').

King Geedorah - I Wonder From Take me to your leader

Check out another track from the Nature Sounds comp at Thee Review

I'm trying something new with file hosting, if its not working give me a heads up. One draw back is that the files names are #'s instead of the titles, just cut and paste the titled and its good as gold.

Mr. Lif / Mo' Mega

Random Mr. Lif facts and trivia:
  • His name came from a Phish song called 'Liftedly Man'
  • He is a member of Perceptionists
  • He has a new album coming out called Mo' Mega of Def Jux
  • Lots of people think he looks like Whoopi Goldberg

Mr. Lif has a new album "Mo' Mega" to be released on June 13th, 2006 on Definitive Jux. His lyrics are typically concerned with sociological issues and a dash of political awareness. My favorite mix of hip hop lyricism. For me, headphones are essential to get the full grasp of a Mr. Lif track, the lyrics need that much attention.

Mr. Lif - Brothaz Its a promo so you get the audio stamping.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I've been growing this beard for a little more than a month and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Lately though I've come to realize that I have to let go of the beard for two main reasons, 1) I look like a hobo, and 2) I started to not like the way it feels and miss that oh so smooth feeling after a shave. Plus I can't drink anything without my mustache being involved and after I eat I'm always paranoid that I'm still caring around food after I ate. Maybe I'll post a picture before I lose ma beard.

Wilco - Bob Dylan's 49th beard

Tree's Lounge has a soundtrack to a drunken weekend to download, where's the national, all the wine ?...still a good mix.

Billy Bragg - Bush War Blues A modern adaptation of Leadbelly's 1938Bourgeois Blues.
The Cities - A Theme
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s - Skeleton Key

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Steady, As She Goes

I have the feeling that I'm going to like The Raconteurs better than the White Stripes. The Raconteurs being the band with Jack White from the White Stripes and Brendon Benson from...Brendon Benson accompanied with bass and drums from the Greenhorns. I've been listening to their Steady, As She Goes 7' single which contains one from White and one from Benson.

...two songwriters working together. Dual vocals, dual lead guitars, dual songwriting duties.

Anyway the I stumbled on the video on youtube just few minutes ago, it reminds me of when I used to live in East Texas.


and for your audio pleasure:

Head over to IGIF for both song from the 7", both very good tracks which leave something to anticipate from the new album.

Also worth mentioning:

GvsB has a video footage of Madvillain @ SXSW 2006 to stream. Tell me how it is, my computer doesn't like to stream so I'm out of luck.

A little something extra...of course.

The Only Children - Girl With Golden Hair
Black Tie Dynasty and [DARYL] - Bloody Basin
Black Tie Dynasty - Die

Did anyone see that new Southpark? Pretty intense start to a new season.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Undeniable Wednesday

There are lot of tasty morsels for your enjoyment strategically placed on the internet that you should take note of:

A alternate version of Spoons Beast and Dragon, Adored from the Comes With A Smile Comp posted at Bows + Arrows

Speaking of Spoon, download Britt Daniel's 2006 SXSW solo performance, its a soundboard recording so its great quality and features a new song @ Lullabyes

Check out a 13 track indie mix at Work for it, nice variety of good stuff to choose from.


Gus Black - Certain Kind Of Light

From my backyard, few Dallas bands on Undeniable records:

Happy Bullets - The Vice and Virtue Ministry
Happy Bullets - If You Were Mine
Tah- Dahs - Alcoholic
Tah- Dahs - Temporary
The Theater Fire - Fiddleback Weaver
The Theater Fire - I Heard About You

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Television Personalities / Return with My Dark Places

My Dark Places is Television Personalities return after a hiatus...Dan Treacy was on a prison boat in Dorset. They still have prison boats?

Television Personalities - All the Young Children on Crack

All the Young Children on Crack' 7" released on 02/06/06. 'My Dark Places' LP out on 02/27/06 (both on Domino).

A little something extra

Starlight Mints - Inside Of Me
Wizardzz - Whispers From Wallface
Mates of State - Fraud in the 80s
Matmos - Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein

Play Basketball with Built To Spill

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hip Hop Mondays

Ghostfaces fifth studio album Fishscale is a step in the right direction, I rank it much higher than his last couple LPs. He brought in MF Doom to do some production work which turned out some of my favorite tracks on the album. I didn't want to mention the album till I heard something more solid than the promo copy of the album which has less tracks and some slightly different production. On a related note I worked out an acoustic cover of Kilos couple days back, its pretty lame but it entertains me.

Ghostface - 9 Milli Bros. (feat Wu-tang Clan) Produced by MF Doom

Ghostface - The Champ From Spine magazine, its got J-Love yelling randomly to let you know its a promo.

Speaking of Wu-tang, on of their satelite members La the Darkman has new album out soon, here's a track.

La The Darkman - Brooklyn, Brooklyn feat. Division produced by Jay Dee

Of course I had to post this Gnarls Barkley pic, DJ Dangermouse and Cee-Lo Green (The Soul Machine) doing the Clockwork Orange thing

Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Coup / My Favorite Mutiney

Blogger was being really lame yesterday, my page was "Forbidden" for the majority of yesterday and part of today. This has happen before but not for this long. For a little bit I thought I had to start again which I half way did on a new service. I always knew how unreliable blogger was but this was the worst, it seems like all the problems started when google took over blogger. The storm is over though, so I'll be alright as long as I don't get shut down again.

Its getting pretty late and I'm right about to head out to celebrate St. Patricks day but I can't leave without posting this great track.

From The Coups new album, Pick A Bigger Weapon, left click on the link
The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny feat. Talib Kweli, Black Thought

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Shins / New song live

Blogger was being kind of lame today but I think it settled down finally. Now I just have enough time to post something really quick. A preview of the new Shins album via a live track recorded earlier this month in Australia emailed to me.

Shins - New Song (Australia, Janurary 2006)[ysi link b/c my file hosting is being weird]


Stellastarr* - Love and Longing I don't know why it took me so long to post this song.
The Stills - In The Beginning I was a really big fan of their debut and can't wait to see what the new one is going to sound like, this track shows a change in direction.
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Can't Ever Sleep

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Black Heart Procession

I haven't heard much attention given towards the new Black Heart Procession, at least as much as it deserves. Their new album The Spell is being released May 9 of this year on Touch & Go. I gave it a few listens and although I can't say it's better than their previous album Amore del Tropico, it is something definitely worth checking out.

Black Heart Procession - Not Just Words

Black Heart Procession performing live at The Casbah on March 12, 2006. San Diego, California.
Black Heart Procession - When We Reach the Hill (Live video)

Also check out The Letter and Tangled from the same album at Golfo. This Modern Blog!. Both song are great and worth checking out.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gomez / New songs

For me Gomez are pretty hit and miss, the same goes for their newest album How We Operate. But something that should be considered is that Gomez doesn't really stick to one sound, not even for an entire album, mostly due to having three songwriters. Sometimes they sound like they are a British rock band, sometimes a blues band, sometimes an alt. Country band and so on. I present you with three tracks from the Mercury Prize-winning Gomez's fifth studio album.

Stream their first single How We Operate, at their webpage

From How We Operate (out May 2006)
Gomez - girlshapedlovedrug
Gomez - tear your love apart
Gomez - chasing ghosts with alcohol

From their live album Out West
Gomez - Get Myself Arrested [live]

and yes, they too are going to be at SXSW

20 years since the Final Countdown

This masterpiece of the 80s turns 20 this year.

This is a tribute to the song: A time-travel through the years, featuring the song played in various concerts.

This song always reminds me of Gob (George Oscar Bluth II) from Arrested Development. I think it's about time I learn this on the keyboard.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Alias and Ehren / Lillian

On Lillian, there is a slightly new direction taken by the author of electronic and hip hop instrumental soundscapes, Alias. Actually this is a release under Alias & Ehren, Ehren being his little brother who is quite the musician himself on the woodwinds and brass. On this track, Ehren is featured on the Clarinet. His contribution really adds a new found excitement to Alias' ambient drones and beats. With Lillian, the album named after their grandmother, Alias' sound has been refreshed with the addition of a Jazz element even though this is foremost an Alias album. Both these musicians work so well together, its about time the made this album.

Alias & Ehren - Cobblestoned waltz

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blackalicious w/ Saul Williams

I've posted this track before but this is edited down to my favorite portion measuring 3:56. This track is featured on Blackalcious' Blazing Arrow and comes in three parts, this specific portion is part 2, done by Saul Williams. Saul Williams style is more spoken word than rap but its not just his words that make this track great, although it is a key element, the production adds equally to the power of this track.

Blackalicious - Release

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


J-live's The Hear After came out in the middle of last year but I hadn't seen much press about it, only one article. Its probably one of the best hip hop releases of last year and deserves more recognition. J-Live worked as an eighth grade teacher in Brunswick while trying to release his debut and also made appearance on Handsome Boy Modeling School's So How's Your Girl?

From The Hear After
From All of the Above

Monday, March 06, 2006

Few things here and there

I had the nicest wake up today, my neighbor from time to time likes to put on a childrens workout audio throughout the whole house and outside. So I get this goofy voice and an ompa-lompa beat to wake me up. I love the suburbs, I had just gotten used to cars horns, loud bass and mini bikes outside my window and now I have this.

I had something I wanted to post all weekend but my file hosting is being lame. What can I do when I pay nothing. Its just temporary so I'm not going to get irrational and upload to YSI or rapidshare, it can wait.

Here's some of the goodness thats been oozing around the blogosphere

See You in the Pit has few new tracks from I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness' new album out tomorrow on Secretly Canadian.

Stereogum has a 3-track March music preview posted including a new one by the Secret Machines.

Rumors are circulating that Arrested Development has been picked up by Showtime (via Better than Fudge)

Joseph Francis Machine - Under My Steps
Jel - All day breakfast

Centro-Matic / 10th Anniversary show

Centromatic played a really good set for their 10th anniversary show at Dans Silverleaf in Denton, Texas. They started with the first Centromatic song which was soon followed up by couple of tracks from their debut Redo the Stacks and then the rest of the highlights from their discography. Afterwards they were presented with a cake and everyone sang happy birthday to them.

I almost didn't go, deciding to stay at home and recover from the previous nights activities but after some persuasion I got off my lazy ass. I'm happy I went.

papier-mache centromatic Centromatic Will Johnson centromatic-cake

Also according to Will Johnson, there's plans for an Undertow Orchestra (David Bazan, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel and Will Johnson) album in the makings with new material to be recorded later in the year.

Stream Centro-Matics new album Fort Recovery.

From Fort Recovery:
Triggers and Trash Heaps

Calling Thermatico

Available for purchase at the Misra Records website

Friday, March 03, 2006


Couple of non-music related links:

12 Ways to Irritate Your Visitors - a guide for webmasters

Stealth sharks to patrol the high seas

Giant squid!!! - London

Dork Nowitzki
, I mostly just liked the title.

Kid Rock blasts Stapp over sex tape I just like this one quote from the article. "In a recent interview with AP Radio, Stapp, 32, said he thinks the sex video was stolen from him and is meant to destroy his career." Yes, his career was riding high when this was leaked.

The National / Live Video & Remixes

Vincent Moon created three live videos and posted them on his site. They've been edited a little, each with a different look. Live at la Guinguette here

The National are now releasing Alligator in Europe with a bonus disc and for everyone who had already bought it before, Beggers Banquet is offering the 5 track bonus material disc which features these two remixes, to download. They aren't remixes per say but alternate version (alternate mixes).

The National - Lit Up (Remix) This song features different drums, the most apparent difference is that there is lots of hi-hat play going on. Also the guitars are brought forward more.

The National - Secret Meetings (Remix) This track has lots more keys and also with different drum situations. In the intro the drums don't kick in until the 25 sec mark.

If you have the actual album, they pulled a Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and have an option for album owners to type in the UPC to get access to the Bonus material. Do that here.

Lit Up (Video)
Abel (Video)

and finally The National vs. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in "Indie Rock Football Showdown 2005"

click on the picture to see the photo recap and to find out who won.

That concludes the sensory overload with The National

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Aceyalone with RJD2 / Magnificent City

Aceyalone, one of LA's premier literate hip-hop champions and the one man show, hip hop producer RJD2 combined their skills to give us Magnificent City, Aceyalone's sixth solo LP, released early Feburary 2006. Everyone first got a taste of this combination on Aceys record Love & Hate (2003) where RJD2 produced two tracks.

From Magnificent City

Aceyalone with RJD2 - Solomon Jones
Aceyalone with RJD2 - Disconnected
Aceyalone with RJD2 - All For U

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Gorilla Is For Sand Racing

I have a new project to entertain myself into the wee hours of the night tonight. I got my new hardrive in the mail today, a whole new 200gb to fill up. Which will gives me about 330gb to work with. Right now I'm mapping out how I'm going approach situation. Hopefully I don't mess this up, I always like to see how far I can get without directions.

Belle & Sebastian are going to be on Late Night With Conan O'Brien tonight, I'm going to try to catch it but I'm sure it will be floating around the net before the end of the week.

I don't know how I never heard this Cadence Weapon track from his mixtape Cadence Weapon Is The Black Hand till few days ago but I stumbled on it and have been playing it repeatedly. The intro is the best part of the song, it features a line spoken by Buster Bluth from the recently canceled television show Arrested Development . I'm not sure if I like it because I'm a big AD fan or because its just that addictive, I'm guessing the latter. The song changes couples of times only maintaining the beat throughout the whole song. Its a nice instrument track.

Cadence Weapon - The Gorilla Is For Sand Racing