Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What I did the past 4 days and some music

It was a great 4 day weekend. We headed down to see some local wrestling, it was fan appreciation with free admission and free beer. I don't have to say how nice that was. I've never been to a wrestling event and it was quite the spectacle. People yelling, everyone drinking, crazy story lines and insults coming from the wrestler and the audience. I got some good yelling in there too, nothing serious just yelling for the sake of yelling. We headed down to the bowling alley afterwards to meet up with some people and then to an apartment. Saturday I rested and headed to my parents place which was nice. Sunday we had some intense 2 on 2 basketball (we won 2 out of 3) and I played more x-box and Dreamcast that I have ever played in my life. Today was all about chores.

More random music.

Calexico - Alone Again, Or Great cover of the song by Love. It has a nice Southwestern flavor to it as does much of Calexicos music.

Calexico - Close Behind (Alt Vocal Version) The original version on Feast of Wire was an instrumental and this is the version with vocals.

Calexico - Across the Wire (Acoustic version)
Again another alternative version from the actual release.

Tom Waits - Alice
I love this album and this song. The album was penned by him and his wife and is out on Anti.

Blur - Tender I think I had a dream with this song in it yesterday so naturally I have to post it.

Kinks - Lola
Always a classic, one of my favorite songs by the Kinks.

The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize A track from the most excellent Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. I can't wait till the new one comes out.

Monday, May 30, 2005

X & Y

Record labels started beefing up security with highly aniticipated releases prevent leaks. I've noticed that a lot this year with Weezers new album and especially Coldplays, X&Y which hasn't been leaked which is a great feat. Until today. I passed on the live versions and all the others, then just few minutes ago on guy came up and and said he had it and here it is. Well actually not literally but its on a webpage and someone else pointed to its whereabouts. I don't see what all the hypes about, Coldplay doesn't amaze me, they don't break new ground they just know how to make a good single. Don't get me wrong the album is a solid release, and it sounds good from what I've heard while writing this, it just won't be playing in my car or on my computer often. I like Thome Yorkes views on Coldplay that I read in Stereogum which was printed in Newsweek;

Martin admits he winced when Radiohead's Thom Yorke, one of his heroes, labeled Coldplay "lifestyle music" —- a dig at the band's universality in films, stores, airports and Mom's iPod.

CHRIS MARTIN: "It's like unrequited love. I'm in love with a lot of things. Some of those things love me back. And some of them don't —- and one of them is Radiohead."



Check out this Mega Man flash game from Jokaroo. They have other craziness too.

TYM posted a cool link about Merriam-Websters: Favorite Word (That's Not in the Dictionary)? Also Yahoo News has a blurb about it with explanation of how it was compiled.

Chillax...always a classic. Featuring other words such as confuzzled, gription and snirt .

Also bet on the Michael Jackson's trial outcome.

Four tracks from two great albums;

Rilo Kiley - My Slumbering Heart Great vocals and I like the guitar work of Blake Sennet on this song, very nice. From The Execution of All Things on Saddle Creek

Rilo Kiley - The Good
One of the first tracks I heard by Rilo Kiley, one of my favorites off of the same album, The Execution of All Things.

Stephen Malkmus - Pencil Rot. First track from Stephen Malkmus' new album Face the Truth on Matador Records. Layered in synth and containing the usual great songwritting.

Stephen Malkmus - Freeze the Saints
Nice slower track from Face the Truth, also one of the better tracks from the album.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mixed Bizness

With a four day weekend in full effect I couldn't be more prepared. I got a bottle of wine that I've been waiting few months to drink and I think the day is coming soon. Its a local wine, local as in state local. Its from the far west Texas city of Lubbock. I haven't had anything local before so this one is special.

Yesterday right after class I went down to the square to take care of some bid'ness and spotted a recycle center next to the natural food store so I came back and took 5 maybe 6 trash bags full of beer bottles the apartment has been collecting.

Monkey Steal Peach!

Nada Surf - Inside of Love Nada Surf has this great cult following most of the people who like their music like it a lot. Every album the songwriting improves and there is a new one coming out in the Fall, their 4th and I know its going to be good.

Four Tet - Smile Around Face
Four Tet have a new album coming out soon, Everything Ecstatic (out May 31st)

Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere From their newest.

Dillinger Four - Noble Stabbings Great punk band on Fat Wreck.

Billy Idol - White Wedding You know Billy.

Bob Marley - Everything is going to be alright Its Bob

A nice mixed dex with radio rock and others

Here is another random index Yea I'm getting lazy.

Thursday, May 26, 2005



Late Night Rant

The British House of Commons is pretty interesting to watch compared to the US Congress. I'm watching right now on C-SPAN and there are people laughing, talking and arguing. I love this, a guy stands up randomly and states his subject and either you here multiple "yeas" or boo's. It's like a formalized debate with a layed back atmosphere. The US congress is so dry and boring to watch, I never keep it on there for more than a minute but this with all the laughter is more entertaining. I would watch more of it but it doesn't pertain to me...much.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with people, I just feel like gathering all my things and leaving without saying anything to anyone but I think everyone feels that way somedays. I don't even have a good reason.

Till tomorrows post,
Nap strong

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Coming and Going on Easy Terms

I think I'm going to take it easy today. The day didn't start too well. I woke up from a strange dream that I can't remember but I think I woke with a smile on my face which quickly disappeared when I looked at the clock and realized class started half hour ago. So I made it there 15 minutes later. Then I married two girls in our class and we had 3 girls and one of our daughters got married to a guy from my home island. Polygamy in action. It was a lame exercise that could of been explained in two sentences but it was better than sitting there and listening to an aging activist talk about Anthropology. I'm not even kidding about the activist/hippy part, she was there doing the protests in the 60s and political activism. I don't look down on it but its weird because she looks like a typical aging hippy. She's very knowledgeable about her field and that's all that matters. She does however grade very hard.

Billy Idol was on Conan last night playing a new song. He's going to be on this years Warped Tour. He is quite the show man though.

Billy Idol - Dancing with myself

It wasn't that bad of a song and I'm not sure how big his comeback will be. I remember when Blondie had their reunion. Their single Maria wasn't that bad, I liked it.

Blondie - Maria

I'm guessing people download music...

Pinback - Fortress
These guys have a song [AFK] on a commercial from their newest album Summer in Abbadon. They are so hit and miss with me but when they hit its so good. Here is a nice track from their newest, I highly recommend this track if that means anything to you.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star This song is everywhere and I like it. I hear the YYY's are working on a more folky album for their next release. I'm sure its going to be good judging by previous output but then again there is always a chance of weezering it. I have faith though.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps I'm sure if it was guy singing the same songs in the same style, they would be bigger...or would they?

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night This was the single in the UK while at the same time Maps was the single in the US. This one wakes you up.

Metric - Combat Baby I like the idea of both these bands [YYY's and Metric] sharing an apartment in New York. I can't imagine the atmosphere but damn that had to be the coolest living arrangement. Not Metrics best but its whats available.

Johnny Cash - Hurt One of the best covers I've heard. NIN's sung by the Man in Black.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Satan gave me a Taco

There is nothing better than finally finding time to check something off your to do list that been there for a little too long. Whats even better than that is coming home afterwards and finding the new Deathray Davies album in the mail. I haven't listened to it yet since its only been minutes and I always rip new albums onto my hard drive for first listen.

Also I got my text book for my class in the mail too... hours after taking the mid-term. Its cool though, I checked it out at the old biblioteca last night. I should start doing that more often, checking out textbooks. The book is $90 at the store and free at the library, even I can do that math. I haven't checked out a book in probably a decade.

BECK! Yea everyone knows Beck but still he has so much out there that people aren't familiar with. Like;

He's a mighty good leader One of my favorites by Beck. Recorded right after Loser became a big big hit. Its a Delta-Blues inspired tune.

Mixed Bizness [Sizes-N-Bed Mix]

Beck & Thom Yorke - I'm Set Free [live]

Halo of Gold A great track More Oar: A Tribute to Alexander 'Skip' Spence.

Cyanide Breathmint A track from K Records found on the album One foot in the grave

Sexx Laws A great track from my favorite Beck release which was also dubbed a commercial failure, Midnite Vultures.

I wish I could find Satan Gave Me a Taco, that also a great track if you come by it.

Nap Strong

Monday, May 23, 2005


Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks gives a nice breakdown of how this seasons team came together a day after the Mavs got knocked out of the playoffs. He also states again how much he doesn't like Steve Nash's agent.

His stuff is not a bad read, its not all basketball.

Leg it

I'm dreading tomorrow because Mondays are the most far away from the weekend you can get. I appreciate my weekends more now because of one 4 hour class. I went to church today to complete my assignment for Socio-Cultural Anthropology. I was to observe a ritual foreign to me and make field notes and then type a paper on that. I woke up too late for the churches I wanted to go to so I went a to a Catholic church that wasn't foreign to me but I doubt the instructor with figure it out. This class involves too much leg work.

My damn internet is acting up again.

ifilm's top 100 videos...#1 is the video in Iraq that crashed the British Military computers because so many people downloaded it.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - I Hear You Drowning But I'm Tied I see good things in the future for this band/guy [Mike Lee], check out some more tunes at their website.

John Vanderslice - Trance Manual I'm pretty sure that lots of people linked this song and its everywhere but John Vanderslice is one of my favorite musicians and he deserves all the publicity that comes his way. From his soon to be out Pixel Revolt on Barsuk and I know its going to be one of my favorites of this year.

John Vanderslice - Me and my 424 Great track from life and death of an american fourtracker.

John Vanderslice - Mansion This is the first song I heard from John Vanderslice and I was sold. I can't even type this without listening to it.

Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight This song is all over MTV, I've posted a track from them earlier this month.

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Relative Ways This is a track from trail of deads first major record label album. Its a great great great album, almost every track is great.

The Walkmen - We've Been Had
Good song, I think it was in a car commercial a year or two ago.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

New White Stripes Album

The Mavericks lost last night. One 3 pointer in the last second did it all. Our season is over but their always next year I guess. I was even wearing my lucky socks but that didn't help. After the disappointment of the lose we rioted in the apartment. This was not some half-assed thing, random object thrown at each other, things broken everywhere, beer spilled. I have it on video but it was so shaky because I was dodging random flying objects including pizza boxes, various beer boxes we've collected, backpacks, balls, couch cushions, and a lot of various objects. After that we had a fight or two but all in good fun.

I hear the new White Stripes album leaked Thursday or Friday and I'm a sucker for getting albums before they're released even if I'm not the biggest fan. You might find it if you scroll down.

Check out this small indie rock index. What it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Here.

If found this online....

The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan


Rapidshare only allows one download at a time per hour, so download one wait an hour for another. When you enter the link, scroll down and hit free and then it will take you to another screen scroll down and wait for the link to come. Don't worry, its pretty easy.

Friday, May 20, 2005


My internet is going on and off so this post took some more effort. The Mavs are half way through winning game 6 to tie the series, hopefully they can keep this up for the second half. Heres some music for the weekend.

Spoon - Everything hits at once One of my favorites off of Spoons Girls Can Tell

Iron and Wine - Lions Mane Sam Beam is Iron and Wine and this is a track from his debut on Sub Pop Records.

Ted Leo - Ghosts Great track Ted Leo.

Pavement - Shady Lane This one is a classic.

Minus Story - Joyless Joyless Really good track from Minus Story. LISTEN!

Minus Story - time wastes itself This is from there new EP on Jagjaguwar.

The Robot Ate Me - Bad Feeling Great song from their album on Kill Rock Stars

Doug Martsch - Offer
Great track for Built to spills frontman. I can't wait till the new BTS. By the way, his solo album is really good.

Quasi - All The Same Great track from their Up Records release.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

We all live in a yellow submarine

I posted a mix by this same guy earlier this month and apparently it was very popular so he made another. This one more electronically influenced.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thats what chemicals can do

Seeing how Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith is coming out tomorrow, Enterntainment Weekly has compiled and rated Samuel L. Jackson's 10 best movie deaths here. Also this too.

This is hilarious, the Pat O'Brien Soundboard. If you've been following this story Pat O'Brien checked into rehab recently and was talking to Dr Phil about his problems. Here is a sound board of a phone call he made to a co-worker while he was drunk. I think this phone call started it all.

The 50 worst hairstyles ever by Phat Phree. I like how Steve Nash is 48. Mavs lost game 5. The series is at 3-2..

Oh yea here are some tunes

Also Fiona Apple's third album, Extraordinary Machine, has been shelved by Sony for a lack of commercial appeal. It won't be released but it's all over the net.

Other than that school is going well other than the boredom I face everyday in a 4 hour class that can be taught in less than one hour. I need to start teaching college. Its all about efficency.


The ladys in music don't get enough recognition, atleast the ones that write great song not just sing something that was given to them by a producer. Someday I will have the cash to get a decent record player but till then I collect LPs that I think should be owned on vinyl and Mirahs [Mee-rah] Advisory Committee is one of the LPs that I purchased few years back after the first few listens. I haven't listened to this album in a while and I just stumbled on it in my collection and remembered how great this album is. Mirahs 2nd album on K records is an album that I think hasn't recieved the recognition that it deserves. I remember saying that this album was my favorite female artists album. I'm not sure now, but the fact that I am stuck on figuring this out should say much. It was produced by long time collaborator Phil Elvrum of the Microphones and Mount Eerie. Don't get me started on the Microphones because the Microphones is the sole reason I even thought about listening to Mirah.

Here are the factors that inspired me to do a Mirah post

1] Britney Spears' new reality tv show debuting Tuesday
2] Mount Eerie interest being rekindled
3] K records being a great record label
4] Advisory Committee, C'mon Miracle
5] Beer

The problem with music is that its androcentric and females don't get a fair representation. So when one gets past all that bias it usualy turns out to be really good music other than [fill in the blank], of course. Its so frustrating how I can't find the right words to put together to describe her songwriting other than comparisons. Its kind of folky but not, kind of rock but not really, kind of indie but what does that mean. Okay here it is, This album is a songwriters album, a rock inspired album which has all the qualities that should be of a grammy winner. The sound doesn't get stale, it changes with each track, each with its own texture. The title of her debut captures her music style,
You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This

I think that with each track here to download, there is something that would appeal to everyone;

Mirah - Cold Cold Water Folky track

Mirah - Advisory Committee Track title the same as the album

Mirah - Apples in the Trees More rocking number

Mirah - Recommendation More pop number, this will probably appeal to people who don't listen to indie and those who do

Mirah - Jerusalem From the newest album

All her albums can be purchase at K records

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ferocious Mopes

Saturday me and the guys went out and threw the frisbee and tossed/punted the football around in the sports field on campus. Few hours later after few beers we went out to the basketball court and played horse and then I got into an intense game of 21 with Ryan. I haven't been able to play sports like that since I had my knee surgery but May marks 9 months and I think I was told I can get back to basketball and tennis this month. I'm not sure though but I am sure I missed my appointment this month that was suppose to give me the thumbs up to do so. Anyway I'm going to incorporate my bike into the summer routine and maybe start riding to class.

Mavs won! The series is at 2-2....Game 5: Mavs @ Suns, Wednesday the 18th.

Todays tunes have more of an electronic music influence some just a touch, some more.

Album Leaf - We Once Were (Two)

From Album Leafs debut album An Orchestrated Rise To Fall on Music Fellowship.

Album Leaf - Airplane From the same album, another instrumental track by Jimmy LaValle aka Album Leaf.

Album Leaf - On Your Way This track is from the newest album In A Safe Place. Better production quality than the debut.

Album Leaf - Over the Pond Also from his latest IDM producton on Sub Pop, one of my favorite indie labels.

Her Space Holiday - My girlfriends boyfriend Another one man band headed by Marc Bianchi aka Her Space Holiday.

13 & god - men of station Notwist and Themselves team up to make 13&God, released on Anticon

The Notwist - One with the Freaks Speaking of Notwist, heres a song from their excellent Neon Golden.

Figurine - IMpossible This is a cool track featuring Dntel who is also half of Postal Service. Out on March records. The group is a trio and they all adopt the same last name of Figurine.

Figurine - So Futuristic Another track from these synth rockers. Both tracks from their album The Heartfelt which was recently re-released. I remember trying to get this CD and having a hard time few years back but since Postal Services sucess this isn't so hard to find.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks Despite the lame name Say Hi To Your Mom makes great poppy sing-a-longable rock music. You can hear one of their songs in the background on an MTV commercial about one of their tv shows.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Lets talk about spaceships Another track from the same album Numbers & Mumbles released in 2004. They have a new album coming out in June called Ferocious Mopes and some songs to download from that album among others on their website

Don't forget to buy any of these artist albums if you liked what you heard.

Friday, May 13, 2005


School is finally done for the semester and I am free till summer school starts in two days. Yay. I had an exam today, my last and I had a headache throughout it. I was the only one with a final exam so everyone was drinking and I couldn't say no especially when theres a keg of free beer to drink till the cops come by and get pissed off because no one answers the door when they knock. Heres the trick, knock on the door, hide towards the side so the people living there don't know the cops are there. They answer, you storm in. This has happen before and I spotted them far away and threw out a warning so it didn't work this time. They were so mad that we knew it was them they just told everyone who didn't live there to leave so they can handle the situation. Its like a game of cat and mouse. Police tactics/trick make me laugh.

Arggg the Mavs lots tonight. The series is 2-1

Todays tunes are more rocking and have an unintentional theme of bands that broke up other than AC Newman.

Refused - New Noise
Here is a hardcore/punk track from a great album on Epitaph, their last real album before they broke up.

Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
Another track from the same album.

Slowreader - Every Part Of Nothing I post a lot of Texas bands on here and here's another from Gabe and Rory from the now defunct Impossibles. They only have this one album but it has some quality tracks worth checking out. Kind of electro-acoustic.

Despistado - A Stirsticks PredictionThe intro to this song was on a cell phone commercial but it doesn't sound like the rest of the song. They put out one EP and an album. Before the album came out they broke up.

The Promise Ring - Deep South Promise Ring were indie kings back in the day, atleast in my head when I was in high school.

AC Newman - Miracle Drug
AC Newman of the New Pornographers solo effort is pretty good. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten more recognition for this album.

AC Newman - Drink to me babe, then Another track from the same album on Matador records.

Hot Hot Heat - Get In or Get Out My favorite track from these Canadians. This is from their album on Sub Pop.

Anniversay - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter These Kansas rockers broke up few years back but they put out some quality material when they were around, This is from their debut, an album full of synth power pop greatness.

Anniversary - All things ordinary Another track from their debut album. Two songwriters, and three voices.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Roll With The Wind

So here's an email I got yesterday;

Why do you post so many songs in a single post?

Do you think that maybe it might anger the people who own the music you're posting? Seems like it might be advisable to keep the total number of songs posted down a bit..

Just a suggestion!


I appreciate suggestions and I love getting feedback but here is how I see it. The main opponents of online file sharing are record labels not the artist. The artist know that the sharing spreads their music and gets more fans and more fans means more people are going to see you play live. When an album gets sold the band get a very small percentage of the profit, all the money is in the live shows and the merchandise sold at the shows or at the bands website. The fact of the matter is that after music sharing got off to a big start record sales jumped dramatically. Lately blogs have been having a big impact on bands that don't get all the money for promotion as other bands do. Although I should encourage people to purchase albums more and I buy albums that I like a lot after I preview them or if its a band that I know won't let me down. Tomorrow I will hopefully be going to see two bands play tomorrow. Without mp3s and online file sharing I would have no idea who Pinback or Pit Er Pat are. I see online file sharing as a wake up call to artists who make albums with one or two singles and the rest with filler. The people who are most upset over file sharing are the people who run the major record labels because they stand to lose the most. The artist stand to gain. This is just leveling the playing field and promoting new artist to the public.

Oasis - Dont believe the truth New album by these chaps.

Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You This track comes from a great album by the Dandy Warhols, 13 tales of Urban Bohemia.

Pinback - Tripoli Great tune by Pinback, this got me listening to them

Pinback - Manchuria They are currently on tour with a stop in my neck of the woods [Denton] tomorrow.

Eels - Lone Wolf
I saw him on TV few night ago, this is from his album before the new one. This might be the best track from that album.

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world Can't deny the good stuff

Frankpayne.com has some good tunes like;

Deathray Davies - The Girl Who Stole... My favorite local band, this song is so Cure

Mice Parade - Focus On A Rollercoaster Good stuff from this duo

Ratatat - 17 Years Great electronic track, I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like this song after listening to it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pistol Whip

Last night I was laying in bed not a sleep but kind of half way there and I hear this familiar voice on a music video on MTV. I look up and try to figure out the voice and then I settled on Cedric from At the Drive-in. It ended up being Mars Volta but I was close enough. Cool video though, I don't think I will be seeing it a lot unless I watch again at 4am. Its at Launch, the song was The Widow from Frances the Mute.

Speaking of videos, check out some ifilm clips.

Styling with Mr. T (1984)
Mr. T gives some fashion tips to impressionable teenagers.

Here is a preview of the The Colbert Report

Lot more stuff if you browse at ifilm.com

I saw the Eels last night on the painful Late Late Show with Carson Daly. The performance wasn't painful though. The rest of the week looks like this;

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - Spoon [Thu. 05/12/05]

Late Show With David Letterman - Hot Hot Heat [Thu. 05/19/05]

Jimmy Kimmel Live - The Dears [Fri. 05/20/05]

I'm pretty much looking forward to Spoon tomorrow and the other guys if I remember. I hope I'm not missing anything


Weezer, Pinkerton My favorite album when I was in High School. I still like it a lot

James Brown - Sex Machine Classy song that never gets old.

Rick James - Superfreak Another oldy but goody.

Sugar Hill Gang - The Message Hip Hop

Rare Grooves Mix I got the above three songs from this mix so its pretty much that style.

Classic Rock Index This index contains some Beatles, beach boys and some other talented artists.

Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon I don't know why Mars Volta gets all the hype, I think Sparta makes some great songs that are hype worthy but alas I can't control the world yet.

Sparta - Breaking the Broken Here is a track from their newest album.

ATDI/[2000-12-07]Electric Ballroom, UK Speaking of Mars Volta and Sparta, here's a nice live At the Drive-In show.

More At the Drive-In and Mars Volta audios and videos

My Favorite hip hop label Stones Throw has a nice site with lots of good artists and they give me a heads up on new releases.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sock with a hole

Well the Mavs lost but I thought that would happen seeing how good the Suns are but the Mavs still have more push in them and the next few games will give them an opportunity to prove themselves.

I sold 3 books in the campus bookstore today that I bought for probably $200+ dollars and got $91 back and kept 2 that they wouldn't take. They guy even tried to scam me out of $10 but I called him on it, actually I think he was just over worked. One of the books alone was $160ish and I got $38.50 for that. Atleast it wasn't like last semester when they didn't take any books and I was anticipating that cash. I don't even buy all the books every semester, as a matter of fact this semester I bought 4 out of the 8 I needed and only used 2. As soon as I graduate I'm opening a campus bookstore and I'm going to take money from unsuspecting college students. This seems like a gold mine, they need the books for the classes so I can charge crazy amounts like the other stores and within a semester I'm rolling in the millions. I just need someone to finance my store. Oh yea and a store.

I got more soul that a sock with a hole

William Schaff

Put this in your ear.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide [Adult Remix] I like this song and the remix is not to shabby.

Lots of Stuff by The Notwist, they put out some good stuff.

Dismemberment Plan - Time Bomb I got to see them live before they broke up. Oh yea there was some no name band called Death Cab For Cutie also playing that show.

Dismemberment Plan - What do you want me to say

Dismemberment Plan - The City One of my favorites by the Dismemeberment Plan

Ben Kweller - I need you back Great song with great hooks

Ben Kweller - On My Way
This is a nice little acoustic song.

Ben Kweller - Wasted & Ready This was on the radio around these parts where he was born and raised.

Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance From the new album Seven Travels by Ant and Slug on Epitaph. Its about a guy named Seven and his travels hence the name.

Atmosphere - Like Today Indie Hip Hop

Atmosphere - Always coming back home to you

Wrens - Everyone Choose Sides Under rated.

Few tunes here

Monday, May 09, 2005

Real Quick

Pretty nice weekend but now studying in my top priority because I might have an exam this evening at 6 and defiantly two tomorrow.

The Killers - Mr. Brightside - Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix Heres a little remix

Ben Gibbard (death cab) - (this is) The dream of evan and chan (acoustic) Some acoustic Dntel feat Ben Gibbard

Dntel - The Dream Of Evan And Chan
Original of above mentioned song

Ben Gibbard - Recycled Air (Acoustic) Some acoustic Postal Service

Billy Ocean - Get out of my dreams, Get into my car This song is necessary if you want to claim to have a respectable music collection

Police - Roxanne Sting back in the good ole days

Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Right Round ....like a record baby

Friday, May 06, 2005

Thursdays are always the best

Last night we had a nice time hanging out. We had choreographed team basketball plays. Everyone involved for just one shot. It involved some rolls, throws and shots. The feeling of beer rolling around in my stomach wasn't pleasant so Joe took over and I went on the keys and did the background music. The basketball soon turned into dance 360 but a lamer version of it, if thats possible. I had a nice beat and some synth going with it while the guys showed off what they had. That all collapsed into everyone trying to do the worm and me playing We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel.

The police in this town are pretty nice and are very leanient with college students from my experiences. So when one of them found us in the middle of nowhere, parked on some street in the back roads in the middle of the woods he was pretty cool. Jason had fallen into the creek so half of him was soak and all of a sudden I see a car speeding really fast towards us, I yell get in car as I have done numerous times but this time he had a spot light, then police lights. He did the ID check thing and then left, didn't even ask us to leave.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


I woke up nice and early today and looked over my proposal and made some changes right before turning it in. It was only 5 pages but those 5 pages involved so much research and thought. 10 hours of research and thought. I clocked in at 8:07 pm and clocked out ant 6:20 am. I did take it easy the first few hours and actually went to the grocery store for some tea but that was just 15 minutes. I had to get the tea when I sat down and realized how much work the proposal actually was. It caught me off guard. I figured about 3-4 hours tops and damn did I underestimate that one. On a plus side it gave me an opportunity to listen to 7 or so albums and various songs. After all that work I threw all my stuff off my bed and jumped in to get the few hours of sleep I could before class and then all of sudden I looked at the clock and I had been laying there for about 45 minutes. I hate when that happens. So after the 2 and a half hours of sleep I sit here typing this. I should go to sleep but I know me better than that. Once I hit the pillow I'm not going to be up for a long time and I need to get some stuff done before that. Plus the Mavs are playing tonight and I've slept through that before.

Before I forget, tomorrow is our 5th? [should I include JL, he kind of deflated on us] roommate Milk's birthday. He's turning one. He was first created out of pure accident but afterwards we encouraged him with some additional spoiled foods and left him outside for a good 10 months. Oh the times we've had. Too bad we don't have any enemies, he would be used very nicely if we did. Still can.

Here's a nice Indie mix with the likes of Radiohead, Enon, Four Tet, A Tribe Called Quest, Tom Waits and some other nice fellows.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Slip

I have a big research proposal due tomorrow and I haven't started on it but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it on Social Security or Universal Healthcare. I like writing papers without a clue of what direction I'm going. My favorite thing to do when I get stuck is to write one random word that might lead to a sentence which will ultimately lead into a paragraph. I need to take things more seriously and plan out papers but if I keep on getting good grades for work that's not my all why try harder?

This Austin trio draws on elements of acid, kraut, arena, punk, and new wave, as well as the darker reaches of nickel theater sideshows. It's a case study in mental instability and social dysfunction. Single Frame explores amalgamations of gritty analog and lucid digital, driving bass drums and volatile rhythms, rational grand piano and deranged fuzz guitar, resonant synthesizer and chaotic chant, delicate tension and soothing resolution

Single Frame - The slip

Single Frame - post daydream forecast endeavor

Single Frame - Mod Style 68

From the new Single Frame album, Body/End/Basement;

Single Frame - Digital Witness

Single Frame - Exact Copy of This in The Basement

Single Frame is always on tour and are on tour right now, stopping by my hood [Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth] for what it seems like every other month. I guess because they're from Austin. I saw them a while back when they came by Rubber Gloves in Denton for $6.

Also here's an original version of a Title & Registration;

Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration [original version]

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It Ends With A Fall

I initially planned to change the banner on the ole tank every month and that's what I did yesterday. Then I looked at it and thought that I needed to tweak the color scheme to go with the banner. An hour plus later I the whole page looks different. Most of the time was spent making the background. Its really small and tiled so you can't really see the design but I made about 9 till I found one that I liked, not as bad as the banner which I made 14 of. So here we are.

I have a big project due and I think the majority of today and tomorrows time allotted for my studies will be dedicated to this research project. I also have a project to turn-in in a few hours which I have to clean up a little. They call this dead week. I remember when the term "dead week" meant something. Does no one have respect for tradition? Who am I kidding school is way to easy for me to complain. Just lots of hoops to jump through.

Mavs won last night 100-103. It was an exciting game till the last shot. I have high hopes for this series with Dallas winning 3 in a row but not too sure about the next opponent. The Suns have the best record in the NBA and have talent like Nash. We still can make something happen.


Beck - Guero Deluxe Edition

Blur - Song 2

Air - Talkie Walkie

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Good weekend. Fulfilling like a weekend should be...I wouldn't go that far. It seems like I'm missing something. I can't put my finger on it, maybe its a lazy Sunday which I just started to embark. The semester is coming to an end on the 13th of this month and another is starting two days later on the 16th. I like summer school, there is less pressure and lot of people leave town so its more peacefull.

Check out this site, they take old photos and captions them. Threadbared

Heres a fun little game involving a certain Moon Walking Jackson called Run Micheal Run

Burger Kings Subservient Chicken is a waste a of time but what a waste it is.

If you don't know who a certain Modest Mouse is, here is a little crash course;

Good News For People Who Lovee Bad News

Moon and Antarctica:

Live at KVRX studios 19 Mar 2000:

One Live MM and two live UC:

12 live shows of MM and two demo tapes( a la pre sad sappy sucker)

*MM links taken from some dude online

I've been listening to this guy along with 7 new songs from Mount Eerie.