Friday, March 30, 2007

April Shows

So here is my live music picks for the month of April in the D/FW area. I haven't gone to any shows (not counting bands that I didn't know their names) this year other than the Of Montreal show back in Feburary which was pretty damn good. So this month I have one priority show and the rest are maybes.

--Mon 4/2--Explosions In The Sky/the pAper chAse-Granada Theater-Dallas

Explosions in the Sky - Day One

This Explosions In The Sky show is the one priority show just because I have yet to see Explosions In The Sky play live and thats just not right.

--Wed 4/4-TV On The Radio-Granada Theater-Dallas

TV On the Radio - Wolf Like Me (video on youtube)

This is a maybe, TV on the Radio is shit hot right now therefore I don't like them enough to see them at a packed venue unless I get bored.

--Thu 4/5-Ratatat/120 Days/Despot-Ridglea Theater-Ft. Worth

Biggie Smalls - Party & Bullshit (Ratatat remix)

I rekindled my appreciation of Ratatat with the new remix bootleg and I've been listening to Despot lately so I might go. Actually this a pretty good show, I should go.

--Fri 4/6-Ted Leo-Granada Theater-Dallas

Ted Leo - Ghosts

I have to be up early on Saturday but that hasn't stopped me before so we'll see...maybe.

--Sun 4/8-Yo La Tengo-Granada Theater-Dallas

Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair

The new album is motivation enough to see them live but its a Sunday show.

--Thu 4/26-Hot Chip-Granada Theater-Dallas

Hot Chip - Over and Over (video on youtube)

Now if this show was a year ago today this show would be more of a priority.

There are couple other great bands stopping by DFW worth checking out, I referenced Good Records.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New track from The National

One of my favorite bands is finally breaking the seal off their new album with a new promo single. Today marks the release of "an official promo mp3 for The National's forthcoming album, Boxer, due out on May 22, 2007 (US) and May 21, 2007 (UK)". I haven't heard the new album yet but I know it going to be one of my top albums of the year.

From Boxer

The National - Fake Empire

Sunday, March 18, 2007

New El-P video

NY Times debuted the video for Smithereens by El-P from his new album I'll Sleep When You're Dead. The theme: prisoner torture. Its kind of graphic kids.

El-P - Smithereens (video stream from NY Times)

Live El-P video at Prefix from the Plug Awards.

New album out on the 20th of this month on Definitive Jux.

Also: hot pockets

Friday, March 16, 2007

Get Rich or Try Dying

"With the work ethic of a hairbrush and the wit of a new sock...."1

Despot is a fairly new artist on Definitive Jux and was recently featured on the Definitive Swim comp, a collaboration of Williams Street (adult swim) and Definitive Jux records. His contribution was one of the stand out tracks and led me to further pursue his music and see what he is all about. He is currently working on his Def Jux debut with production by Blockhead and "other special guests". Right now he is on tour with Ratatat, the product of that tour can be streamed at Despots myspace page where he freestyles with Ratatat doing the instrumental.

Despot - Get Rich or Try Dying

Despot on Myspace
Despot on Def Jux 1

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pink Robots

"Wayne Coyne revealed to us that the band has been in talks with legendary Broadway producer Des McAnuff, who is responsible for the stage adaptation of the Who’s Tommy and last year’s Tony-winning Jersey Boys. “We’re putting together a Broadway version of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” says Coyne. “As much as I love the more intense experience of being at a rock show, this could be great!”" -- Rolling Stone

I really hope this doesn't turn out to be like Christmas in Mars, the Flaming Lips movie that has yet to come out.

The String Quartet Tribute to the Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Aesop Rock

Pitchfork media posted a new track from Aesop Rocks new album None Shall Pass. I've been thirsting for something new and exciting in hip hop in 2007 and this might be it. At least till MF Doom and Ghostface release that album (this month?). The new track is the title track from the album and hints towards something spectacular. It features frequent Aesop Rock collaborator Blockhead on the beat which fills in perfectly.

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

The new album features a collaboration with Mountain Goat John Darnielle which is very much hyped up online. Here's a pic of the two from Aesops Myspace:

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have developed into a tv junkie over the past year or so. I don't usually watch a show when it comes on but maybe a day or two afterwards. Like with The Knights of Prosperity, I watched the seasons episodes right before bed for the past week, two episodes a night. This is my new show. The thing about this show is that I'm pretty damn sure its going to get canceled after this season but I'm enjoying it while its still running. Last nights episode brought in a new enemy, Ray Romano, replacing Mick Jagger. The show has some good laughs, following an organized crime group mostly compromised of losers, as they scheme to rob Mick Jagger/Ray Romano. The way I see it, According to Jim is still on air and that show is horrid so how could this not out last Jim Belushi.

Here is a clip of the Knights choosing a theme song

and of course this classy little number:

Rush - Tom Sawyer