Friday, May 26, 2006

Karate Dog Mix

I'm headed to Chicago for sometime, I'll probably be back mid-week. I really don't want go but blah blah blah...I'm stuck. I had something I wanted to write about but I have to pack and so making a weekend mix is less time consuming.

Hieroglyphics - Chicago
Sufjan Steven - Chicago (Acoustic)
Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago
Spoon - Chicago At Night (live at Bowery Ballroom on 2002-09-21)
Salim Nourallah - 1978
Salim Nourallah - a way to your heart
Mr. Lif — Mo' Mega mixtape mixed by DJ Big Wiz
They might be giants - Am I Awake

The Futureheads - Skip To the End
Sufjan Steven - Chicago

Something else random I just saw on tv, did you know there is a movie called Karate Dog.

When LAPD computer expert Peter Fowler investigates the killing of an old man in Chinatown, he finds the only witness is his dog, Cho Cho. But Fowler soon discovers Cho Cho is the only dog in the world who can speak to humans... not only that, Cho Cho is an expert in martial arts. -IMDB

Of course he's an expert in martial arts...Look for it on the 29th? on ABC family.

Multiple remixes of Crazy by Gnarls Barkley at Berkeley Place

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Theater Fire / Everybody Has A Dark Side

Its a scorching 95 degrees in a place that I (and many people) like to call Texas. I don't even know why anyone around here goes outside unless they have to. I took a step outside for about couple hours and my only comfort was the new snowcone hut setup down the street.

While driving around I flipped through couple of albums until I found something appropriate for the weather/environment and I finaly settled on the new Theater Fire album Everybody Has A Dark Side. They have that hot Texas summer soundtrack sound. They rightfully should, being from Fort Worth Texas.

The Theater Fire has a knack for spinning yarns about drifters, hangmen, brothers, and lovers grappling with their own honor, trust, guilt and loss. These tales are woven together by arrangements that include weeping pedal steel and violin, strains of accordion, mandolin and xylophone, plucked banjo and guitar, sorrowful brass and the clip-clop of found percussion. The songs combine influences as diverse as zydeco, bluegrass, mariachi, country, gospel and rock and roll - yet somehow remain unmistakably The Theater Fire.

Between their website and their record label site, there is 5 tracks available to download. Thats more than a third of the album. Too bad my favorite track from the album isn't one of those. I would describe them as more country leaning than rock.

The Theater Fire - These Tears Could Rust A Train
The Theater Fire - Kicking Up The Darkness
The Theater Fire - Fiddleback Weaver
The Theater Fire - Dark Side
The Theater Fire - I Heard About You

Busta Rhymes samples Threes Company Theme

Busta Rhymes has a new album out on Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint titled The Big Bang (June 13, 2006). I'm not the biggest Busta fan but he did have some singles that were pretty damn good couple years back. As of lately I haven't really been biting on any of his releases, even the first two singles from this album didn't interest me much. But since I didn't want to pan before I heard I gave his newest album a try. Back to the title of this post, Busta Rhymes samples the Threes Company Theme. This song is probably not on his actual album but there is still confusion with different tracklists and multiple version floating around. Odds are though, that this isn't on the album. The sample on this track is a classy move, I don't even know why it hasn't been done yet.

Busta Rhymes - Ping (2)

How about the Sanford and Son theme, that's a club hit in the making, bum bum banum...bum bum banum banum buh. I'm looking at you Nas, you already did a track with your father and this would be a nice sequel on your new album.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The whole idea behind it

Today is a big day for television, first and foremost the Mavericks start their series against the Phoenix Suns. Then secondly the Lost 2 hours season finale is going to be on tonight on abc. I haven't watched the whole season but I've kept up the last few months. I'm pretty hooked.

I'm sure fans of the band know that Deerhoofs bassist/guitarist Chris Cohen quit the band recently. For me Deerhoof is pretty hit or miss but when they hit, its always really good. There is some good news in the Deerhoof front, they are offering a new EP of covers and live tracks to download. As the site says: "For fun, download new E.P. of cover songs and live stuff." Link. Of course the Rrrrrrright remixes deserve attention also.

and some more Deerhoof:

The Great Car Tomb [mp3]
Holy Night Fever [mp3]
Sealed With A Kiss [mp3]
Milking [mp3]
Wrong Time Capsule [mp3]
Gore In Rut [mp3]

Indie Interviews has an interview with the indie rock veteran and one of my favorite musicians John Vanderslice

MOKB has 10 covers of one of my all time favorite songs, Where is my mind (originally by the Pixies). I think the Nada Surf version is my favorite cover.

Monday, May 22, 2006

(Another) New Dangerdoom track / Sofa King Remix

The wonderfull folks at Adult Swim have graced us with another track from the new Dangerdoom EP. Oh yea and the Mavs won, ain't life grand.

Dangerdoom - Sofa King Remix

One step closer to the gold.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Pharrell / Number 1

The new (new as in recently leaked) Pharrell song Number 1 sucks. Yea I said it. I just don't like it when he gets all R&B on me, he can't really pull it off, he's no R Kelly. The production is great of course and he brings Kanye in to spice it up but it is what it is, a waste of good production. The best part of the song is the first 17 seconds the first time you hear it because you hopes sky rocket only to nose dive at 18. The forthcoming album In My Mind is supposively actually coming out July 25th on Interscope Records.

Pharrell featuring Kanye West - Number 1 (2)

Neiles Life has 6 other Pharrell tracks including the already release Can I have it like that featuring that girl from No Doubt, you know married to that guy from Bush.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Televangelist & The Architect

Most people compare The Televangelist & The Architect to Grandaddy but I would say they more closely resemble Say Hi To Your Mom. Couple of things I should mention about The Televangelist & The Architect, they aren't a christian band, I don't think anyone in the band is an architect and they have their new album, their 2nd, available as a full download.

The Televangelist & The Architect - the artificial intelligentsia
The Televangelist & The Architect - the unconscious collective (a tale from williamsburg)

Full album download

Did anyone catch the Eagles of Death Metal on Letterman, they played outside on Broadway street with people walking by in the background. The outdoor performances in various locations is a nice change of pace for late night television performances apposed to the confines of the tv studio. I'm sure it'll be on Youtube in time.

Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)

The Raconteurs on Conan in 40 mins.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do The Musiking

I was bored so I changed the look a little of Think Tank. I was kicking the idea around for a while but couldn't settle on anything until I got the background pattern down the rest sort of fell into place. It's still a work in progress, especially the banner, I just always wanted to represent fo' them elephants all across the world (in banner form) whilst hitting them corners on the low-low's girl (and) still taking my time to perfect the beat....well you know the rest.

Speaking of new, Wilcos performance of their new song, "Is That the Thanks I Get?" live on Conan, in Chicago, on Friday May 12th is floating around the net and Pitchfork did a review even. I missed the performance being a friday night thing and all and I'm not usually inclined to stay in. But I was sure I would find it online and alas...Blogs are for dogs has the mp3 and video.


New track from Yo La Tengos soon to be released album, I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass was posted yesterday on the Matador site.

Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair


Stream most of the new Mission to Burma album The Obliterati at the album webpage. Every 3 days 1 new song will be available. Also 2wice has been up for sometime at Matador.

Bonus, from Do The Musiking

The Big Eyes Family Players - The Printmaker's Dilemmas
The Big Eyes Family Players - For Cognac
The Big Eyes Family Players - Die Nacht

...I still got love for the streets

Monday, May 15, 2006

New Dangerdoom track / Korn Dogs

Looks like Dangerdoom has a new 9 track EP being released as a free download on the Adult Swim website one track a week. Check out the low down from CMJ:

Dangerdoom, the collaboration between Danger Mouse and MF Doom, will release a free nine-track EP via The first track, "Corn Dogs," will be available May 15. After that, a new track will be available each week, through May 30, and the entire EP will be available for a limited time only. The EP will feature special guests Madlib along with skits and sound clips from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies and Minoriteam.

The first track:

Dangerdoom - Corn Dogs

Also watch streams of full episodes at the adult swim site, get your adult swim fix.

Awesome Until Proven Guilty has a mess of MSTRKRFT to download including a remix of Metrics Monster Hospital that I never knew existed.

The Late Greats is tackling the letter Q, what so great about that you might ask. Queen's Flash Gordon theme and of course Lord Quas with Greenery, a track I know I've posted more than once. Each track worth downloading.

I lost all internet abilities for about a day, that was really scary. I hope we don't have to go through that ever again. It was a weird time in my life, that 24 hours. I saw the world differently, everything was plain and I was more aware of my surroundings than usual. I tried to play some video games but that only interested me for about an hour, it not really my thing. I read the newspaper but that got old fast. I even almost went to sleep early but opted instead to watch a movie. Internet, lets never fight again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New MF Grimm tracks from American Hunger

MF Grimm has been a busy man lately working on a 60-song triple CD, American Hunger. So far I've heard only two tracks from the album.

MF Grimm - Watch Out
(prod. by J Marty)

MF Grimm - Street General

I like both tracks but I do favor Watch Out over Street General, I like that party vibe it has. If the rest of the album sounds like this then we can assume that MF Grimm has finally reached his true potential or atleast another level in his career.

Jar Barf?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Daedelus Denies the Day's Demise

In Daedelus' recent outing Daedelus Denies the Day's Demise, Daedelus one ups his previous work with his fifth album, out today on Mush Records. Daedelus is an electronic artists in a league of his own with a suave melodic bag of tricks featuring unique samples and bursting beats. On this album he leaves behind the guest appearances for an album all his own. See for yourself.

From Daedelus Denies the Day's Demise
Daedelus - Never None The Wiser

From Exquisite Corpse
Daedelus - Move On

From Rethinking the Weather
Daedelus - Bright Stars

From The Weather
Busdriver & Radioactive with Daedelus - Carl Weathers

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Bloc Party from Coachella show

I lost a whole post seconds before hitting publish. This is so lame. What a waste of time, here we go again.

01. Waiting For The 7.18 (new)
02. Positive Tension
03. Banquet
04. Blue Light
05. She's Hearing Voices
06. Uniform (new)
07. This Modern Love
08. Like Eating Glass
09. So Here We Are
10. Helicopter

Download the 10 track set

Few things worth checking out

Skatterbrain has two live tracks from The Pipettes from The Album Chart Show (5/6/06)

Looking at Them has large selection of TV Show Themes

Voxtrot has some of their cover songs to download

Eugene Mirman, Sub Pops newest non musical signee has a video posted on the sub pop site titled Women 101. A good laugh. CD/DVD out tomorrow.

Sub Pop also has a music video for Band of Horses most excellent song, Funeral.

Band of Horses - Funeral(video)
Band of Horses - Funeral (mp3)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

7L and Esoteric / A New Dope

A New Dope was my first taste of 7L and Esoteric, I heard the name thrown around for while and then I got a hold of the promo release of the album which is out late June on Babygrande. I finally heard what all the hype was all about. The production is what sucked me in, 7L comes with the smooth and bouncing beats, Esoterics lyrics are above the average MC but the chemistry between 7L or Esoteric is what makes this album work. Sometimes the production dives into 80s new-wave sometimes you hear an East Asian sound but never sitting on one sound too long. Who knew new wave and hip hop mixed so well together. This album ranks up there as one of the best hip hop has to offer in 2006. I can't wait till the actual album is dropped, I would listen to the album more often if I didnt have hear "for press use only" voice over on every track.

7L and Esoteric - The Most
7L and Esoteric - Daisycutta feat. Kool Keith

Cadence Weapon got a good review in Pitchfork today for Breaking Kayfabe, an 8.0. Not bad at all, he came down to Denton to open for Why? and Islands for the Sunday night crowd at Haileys last weekend. He had some good energy for a crowd who looked like they never heard hip hop before. It looked like he won himself some new fans by the end of the set featuring a mid song hi-five run around through the crowd. Of course Why? and Islands played amazing sets, probably my favorite show of the year. I wish I took a picture or two but it was Sunday and I was feeling lazy.

Cadence Weapon - Poulet De Funk

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The National / Live videos (Private Spin show)

Photo:Sonya Kolowrat

The quality is great, I'm guessing Spin magazine recorded the video for their Spinhouse sessions.

The National - Abel (@ Spin)
The National - Lit Up (@ Spin)
The National - Murder Me Rachel (@ Spin)
The National - Baby We'll Be Fine (@ Spin)

Late Orchestration

Hip hop super hero Kanye West has a new release coming out soon not available state side, Late Orchestration: Live at Abbey Road Studios. I was looking for some new interpretations of Kanye classics but alas its pretty much a recreation the album tracks in a live atmosphere. My favorite Kanye West track Gone sounds pretty much the same other than a slight murmur of a fans in the beginning, Kanye West rambling a little in the middle of the track and almost 2 minutes were cut. On other tracks the orchestra adds a little more than was there so their presence is felt. This album is by far not essential, perhaps just for the Kanye West superfans.

Product details via
Import only release! Recorded in front of 300 personally invited guests and fans at Abbey Road Studios (the famous Beatles studio) in the UK on September 21st, 2005. Kanye was backed with a 17-piece all-female string orchestra and featured guest appearances by John Legend and Goldie Lookin' Chain. The CD release features the full perfomance (12-tracks) along with an additional bonus track, 'Gold Digger' (Live at AOL).
Kanye West - Gone(2)

I ride on chrome

Monday, May 01, 2006

Steven Colbert / White House Correspondents Dinner

This too priceless, Steven Colbert roasts President Bush at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

I know there are some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating......Sir, pay no attention to the people who say the glass is half empty, because 32% means it's 2/3 empty. There's still some liquid in that glass is my point, but I wouldn't drink it. The last third is usually backwash. Okay, look, folks, my point is that I don't believe this is a low point in this presidency.

(Catch the transcript at Daily Kos)

and straight youtube that mofo right here:


More importantly, Mavericks sweep first-round series with Grizzlies Monday, the only first round sweep and first in Mavs history. Check out the NBA Playoff Brackets to see the big picture.

Bishop Allen has a new song from their monthly EPs series, this song is from the April EP and is one of my favorite from the set. The violin really carries this track to greatness. Order it for $5 from their store.

Bishop Allen - Flight 180 - April

Bishop Allen - The Monitor - March
Bishop Allen - The News From Your Bed - Feburary
Bishop Allen - Corazon - Janurary