Monday, June 06, 2005

More Parts Per Million

I finally have a record player and this weekend I finally got a chance to play my Thermals LP I won in a Sub Pop contest few years back. I can't remember what I did to win it but I'm sure it wasn't much because I don't usually win anything so I have no motivation do put forth effort to do so. I won their debut More Parts Per Million and since then they released another album Fuckin' A both nice three chord punk albums on Sub Pop. I think sums them up pretty nicely;

Since so much three-chord punk has gotten stale, this Portland, Oregon trio often strips down to just two chords--which makes those moments when they do splurge on that third precious bundle of notes staggeringly climactic. The Thermals have just one basic melody, but it's a great one, and like the finest bluesmen, their brilliance is in the variations they work over these standard changes. Except these variations aren't solos--they're gradations of emotional tone and feedback burst and Hutch Harris' clearly enunciated rants

Something like that.

The Thermals - No Culture Icons

The Thermals - How We Know

The Thermals - Stare Like Yours

The Thermals - God and Country


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