Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I realized that I haven't mentioned the NBA finals since both teams secured their spot. My boys the Dallas Mavericks finally made it, after years of watching them not making it through the playoffs. I don't think they're better than they were in the last few years player wise but something changed though (better defense?). Maybe the NBA coach of year the at the helm? Its still pretty surreal. First game is this Thursday vs the Miami Heat. I know we're going to win, we just have to contain the duo of Shaq and Wade. In my opinion Wade is the 2006 playoff MVP so thats a task. All we need is a healthly Dirk and all he needs is Hasselhoff playing in his head.

David Hasselhoff - Looking for freedom


With their debut album I wasn't a big fan of the Futureheads then while flipping channels one day I saw a video on Fuse and thought that the band sounded pretty good. When the video ended I realized it was the Futureheads. After that I lifted my Futureheads embargo and gave their new album a listen and figured out what the hype was all about. I'm still not a big fan of their debut but News and Tributes is growing on me fairly quickly.


At 6:55 PM, June 07, 2006, Blogger c said...

ha! i never had an embargo, but i hear you, they are growing on me, too ;)


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