Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who Could Win a Rabbit

Lost the internet for a little bit today, then blogger was being a bitch for about an hour and now here I am. I stopped by Wal-mart and bought me a drink. I thought maybe I'll have few beers but then I thought I should take down a mans drink tonight...Boones Farm, Snow Creek Berry. Boones Farm, the tonic of choice back in the days of "word".

The semester is almost over and I hadn't really thought about it but I'll be in school for 4 years after this semester. I was thinking about it over the Thanksgiving break. About getting a job and not doing the college things that I like o-so-much, what I'm going to do after college, where I'm goin to live (sure as hell not home for too long). I knew I was getting there but it seems like it happen so fast. It seemed like just last year I was a freshman driving up to the dorm room and moving my stuff in and meeting my first roomate for the first time. What am I going to do next year, am I going to live here still...probably but I hate staying in one place for too long. This is the longest I've lived in one place for this long since the end of High School. I put on my headphones on and started listening to all this old music I used to listen to when I was in high school last night in the dark when I couldn't fall asleep. Every song reminded me of something different. Ok now I always tell myself this but I always ramble on when I had a few drinks in me, I shall stop now as I am sure this is all ramble.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Animal Collective

Nothing much to do today, another dog dangling sunday. I decided to catch up on some of the music I have been meaning to listen to but haven't. Right now is the very impressive Animal Collective album "Sung Tongs", which has one of my favorites by them....leafhouse.

I'm right about to reach 10,000 mp3s, I'm less than 100 songs away from that. If I hadn't deleted all the crap I would of well past that but I don't have use for crap.

Sunday, November 28, 2004


I had a good Thanksgiving spent with 26 of my closest relatives. How as yours?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


After not getting adequate sleep last night and missing my nap today, the whole day was about not falling asleep. After having some wine and some wendys and being bored off my ass I fell asleep at 11:30p. I was holding out till my bedtime at 3am but couldn't make it and now I'm wide awake at 3am. Moral of the story, don't take naps after 7pm unless you plan on sleeping till morning.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

digital ash in a digital urn

I rule....why might you ask. I downloaded 2 of my anticipated albums of 2005, not most anticipated there is still "Worlds Apart" by and you will know us by the trail of dead, and many more I'm still waiting on. With a Janurary 23, 2005 release date I got me a hold of the 2 new Bright eyes albums; "Digital ash in a digital urn" and "I'm wide awake its morning". Thats a whole 2 months, not my best but pretty early. Got to give props to my russian commrades for hooking it up. I'm giving it a listen and its very good but alas class awaits and there is mandatory attendance.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Inside out

Not as motivated to post as I used to be. Maybe thanksgiving will give me a good break. Got into a little car trouble when I went off to an old farm road [FM423] to pee and then turned around and my car sunk into a ditch because its been raining for a week or so. I put some tennis rackets under the tires... that didn't work, put some flat stones under the tires...that didn’t work...put some random hay underneath...that didn't work. I called in for reinforcements and they were on the way but before they came by a random guy drove by and I flashed my lights and he asked what the problem was and I told him and he reached to the passenger seat and pulled out a tow rope. He happened to be a mechanic of sorts so I was saved. In about 2 mins I was out and driving off. I did get pulled over by a state trooper minutes before and got a warning. It was the most friendly cop situation I have ever dealt with, some friendly conversation a smile a laugh and good bye. Good thing though, I had consumed some scotch whiskey and some wine right before I left my uncles house. Lady luck was on my side last night.

Friday, November 19, 2004


Streets Disciple, Nas' newest album is coming out soon and its really good. He has a nice verse about Kobe and some politics but not what you hear all the time. He even dogs on himself for not being a good role model. We need more socially conscious, political rappers. Nas is one of my favorite rappers and I've been waiting for this album and he didnt disappoint. His first single features his dad Mississippi bluesman Olu Dara which is good but not the best off the album.

Also he's married to Kelis...you know that milkshake chick.


WJC library opening.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


can't find it online and its so frustrating when I hear its their best album

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Modest Documentary

I'm going to a screening of a documentary made by UNT students tonight at 8pm. Free addmission. Cool Beans -- 1210 Hickory, its a bar and Wednesday night is the film night. It was going to be outside but since its raining its moving in. Its going to be good from what I hear. If anyone wants to go, you know how to reach me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Job prospects looking brighter for college seniors

"College hiring is expected to increase 13 percent over last year, according to a new survey from National Association of Colleges and Employers. Seven out of 10 employers said they expected to increase salary offers to new college grads, according to the survey released late last week, with an average increase of 3.7 percent."



Texas Chainsaw Massacre [Re-enacted by Bunnies in 30 seconds]

Sunday, November 14, 2004


director and screen-writter of Ghost World

Max Minghella
Ethan Suplee
Chris L. McKenna
Steve Buscemi
John Malkovich
Anjelica Huston

Friday, November 12, 2004

More cowbell

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes released two singles, I posted them a while back the forums, well it happens to be that this past week when it was released it sold crazy amounts. When I say crazy I mean he beat Usher, Eminem, and Nelly and is the only artist to have the #1 & #2 spots in Billboard history.

" Bright Eyes' two new singles-- "Lua" and "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)", which preview material from his two forthcoming full-lengths, due in January-- had taken the #1 and #2 spots on Billboard's singles chart."

..."Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales chart, where he's officially beaten them to a diva-y pulp. Still, that's fucking crazy, especially for an indie artist....More impressive still is that Bright Eyes has made Billboard history with this showing: It marks the first time that one artist dominates both the #1 and #2 positions on the chart" --- pitchfork retards

My personal opinion which you knew you were going to get is that both these releases are a big improvment from the previous releases which were some of my favorites. The the sound is more mature.

I did hear all the songs from the folk album live in October in the "Monsters of Folk Tour" and some other older material. Good show.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Good Changes

Attorney General John Ashcroft resigned today! I shall drink to that. Also known as Ashcroft: Songwriter & member of The Singing Senators (Apr 2004). Only thing that could beat that by leaps and bounds is if Dick Cheney resigns. Still great though. He was also a big force in the introduction of the Patriot Act I and II. Yea that crap.

I know someone else will replace him but he was the worst we have ever had, so the odds are that they will be someone little more sane.

= No more.

>Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
>Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)
>Voted YES on declaring that memorial prayers and religious symbols at sch. (May 1999)


>Voted NO on reducing funds for road-building in National Forests. (Sep 1997)
>Vehement opponent of the expansion of NATO. (Nov 2000)
>Voted YES on limiting the President's power to impose economic sanctions. (Jul 1998)
>Voted YES on Strengthening of the trade embargo against Cuba. (Mar 1996)

Doesn't matter, that was all before being Attorney General and his Patriot Act(s).

Sorrys to the world


Monday, November 08, 2004

little victories

So I finally called my neighbor and couldn't get hold of the one I wanted to talk to but I got a hold of his wife. You see I called with my cell phone and they read the caller ID and wouldnt pick up, so I used a phone card and that did the trick. It wasn't pretty but damn did I piss her off. I can't ever talk to her husband because he is a scared little man. He was in the background and she asked do you want to talk to him(me)and he said no. He hides from me and once even ran away. I feel like such a bully. It feels nice to be able to scare a 50 year old man like that. I called my mom afterward and gave her details. It's pretty fun causing all this ruckus, it's like a hobby or a difficult game that you play even though you know you won't win but you'll have those little victories. And thats what it's all for children, thats what its all for.

Thats him at night crying and hoping I won't hurt him.

20 Reasons Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet

I saw this few months back but never posted it, so its new to you...maybe. Also the last one is quite the kicker, I know what I'll be day dreaming of in class today.


Sunday, November 07, 2004


New one tonight....right now...

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I wish I had a shoehorn, everyone cool has one

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Elections to watch

Of course there is the presidential election everyone is keeping their eye on but there are many other interesting elections going down.

Alaska Measure 2: Legalizing Marijuana -- This one is not polled yet but I don't think it will pass. It might, being so close to Canada and they are more lenient toward legalizing it. Me personally, am against it. I am for Canada legalizing it but not the US.

Montana Initiative 148: Medical Marijuana, Oregon Measure 33: Medical Marijuana -- I see no harm. As long as you are not having fun

11 states are doing the Bans on same sex marriage vote. I didn't know people voted for these things, I would like to see what the citizens (who vote) think. Update as of 845p: >8 states go yes on Bans within their states >3 states: not counted yet >0 against bans

Bush is weighing in heavy, he needs 100 more electoral votes.

Check out the forums


Go vote. If you don't know where look here

Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween pt. 3

It seemed like a bad halloween because of all the rain and the fact that it was on a sunday but that doesn't hold me and the posse back. Went to a party and drank some beer and trash can punch, it was pretty fun. Got to finish the keg tonight and then no more drinking for a bit. I seem to have gotten a mild fever from last nights walking in the rain and what not but I'm sure it'll pass.