Monday, October 31, 2005

Explosions in the Sky's new EP

From the Explosions in the Sky website:

Our EP for the Travels in Constants series has also just come out. All the mailorder copies are now sold out, but we will have lots of them on tour with us. To learn more about this record please go to We can only assume that it will be available on various file sharing sites soon, so please feel free to download it.

Explosions In the Sky - Travels In Constants Vol.21: The Rescue [megaupload]

The Explosions in the Sky website mentioned that they are currently working on a new album which will be out sometime in 2006. Also their debut album How Strange, Innocence , which was originally sold as few hundred CD-Rs, has been reissued by Temporary Residence available for just $12. Lastly, they are currently on tour with mostly Eurpean dates accompanied with stops in NY and LA. Check out their site for more details.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

John Vanderslice & The National invade Denton

Friday night John Vanderslice came into my favorite venue in Denton, Haileys, with The National. I never really listened to the National so I thought I should brush up on them before the show but I could only find few songs. I wish I came in earlier because they sounded great but I did get to catch probably a majority of their set. One highlight that I wish I could of gotten a picture of was a (probably drunk) guy who was sitting in the very front of the stage, totally air drumming with The National the whole time. I mean he wasn't just drumming, he was getting into it. I don't blame him, their drummer was pretty good.

The National - Wasp Nest
The National - Cold Girl Fever
The National - Slipping Husband

Then John Vanderslice took stage backed up with a 3 piece band. He played all the songs I wanted to hear minus Coming and Going on Easy Terms and Peacocks in the Video Rain. But I can't really complain after hearing, White Plains, Mansion, 424, They Won't Let Me Run, Speed Lab and some others I don't remember. In the beginning of the set he said he had a special guest who was going to help them out on one song. He mentioned it again and I narrowed my choices down from the local scene of who he was going to bring on stage and was completely wrong. He brought up Midlake singer Tim Smith on stage to rip it on the tambourine, the boys got skills. Not really, it was pretty unnecessary but I enjoyed it. Did I take any pictures you ask, yes. How did they turn out, not the best considering the lighting (anything to distance myself from my poor photography skills).

The National

This guy chain smoked the entire time, maybe that's the secret to his smooth voice

John Vanderslice

I just came back from Iron & Wine and Calexico, I'll post that tonight or Monday.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Since halloweens coming up it seems like every semi-educational television channel (discovery, TLC, ...that other one) is having their run of paranormal ghost related programming. They had one dedicated just to hotel ghosts. Anyway I created Ghost themed soundtrack since... you know, Halloween and all.

Ted Leo - Ghost
Bishop Allen - Ghost are good company (outake)
Holopaw - ghosties
The High Dials - winter ghosts
Microphones - great ghosts
The Raveonettes - Attack of the Ghost Riders
All the Ghosts - This Connection
Ghosts & Vodka - Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
Ghosts & Vodka - Cowboys and Sailors
Ghostbusters Theme

Skygreen Leopards

Skygreen Leopards have had three releases this year on Jagjaguar. The latest, an EP titled Jehovah Surrender was released few days ago on October 25th and before that they had an LP called Life and Love in Sparrow's Meadow released on Feburary 1st and before that the limited edition companion release for that LP, Child God in the Garden of Idols 12" released on Janurary 18th. Thats a heap of releases for one year but apparently not for the Skygreen Leopards.

Skygreen Leopards are a two man operation featuring Glenn Donaldson and Donovan Quinn making "loosely-structured psychedelic folk songs arranged with banjos, bouzoukis, 12 string guitars, tape loops, Hammond organ, and a host of other instruments." They are a part of the Jewel Antler Collective which you can figure out with this diagram. Its easier than words.

From Life and Love in Sparrow's Meadow
From Jehovah Surrender
From 2004's One Thousand Bird Ceremony

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Rentals Return

Check it out Mya Rudolph from SNL was a Rental.

Just read up on this sweet piece of news:

We are extremely excited and happy to announce the unexpected and true return of the rentals. The band is currently in Los Angeles writing, rehearsing, and preparing to record their 3rd studio album.

The speculation is that the new album is likely to be completed and ready for release in 2006.

-courtesy of

I really hope they lean towards the style of the debut album on the new material.

The Rentals - I must be wrong

The Rentals - Waitig [demo]
The Rentals - These Days [demo]

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mini Mix

I've been slacking on the posts, I like to do things in the last minute and that includes the 10 pages I wrote for my midterm today before class. I have a list of thing that I need to do and making a proper post is one of those things. Till then here is a mini mix.

Goblin Cock - Stumped

The Earlies - Morning Wonder
Kingsbury Manx - Harness and Wheel
American Analog Set - JR [demo]
Dios (Malos) - Asshole [beck cover]
The Joggers - Era Prison
Metric - Monster hospital
Superchunk - Phone Sex [live]

Monday, October 24, 2005

An EP and few links

I had some stuff I wanted to post but my internet kept on going on and off and plus I had a very busy weekend. I attended and participated in my brothers wedding which pretty much took up all of my weekend. I had lots of fun and took lots of pictures but not nearly enough. That night I won a really big drunken game of Texas Hold'em against 6 or so people. Okay it wasn't a big game but I did win and I beat my uncle which was big because we talked a lot of trash to each other and I came out victorious which I never had against him.

I'm pretty much busy all this week, especially today but I didn't want to not post anything because I'm cool like that. I enjoy bonus EP's that come with albums but I don't enjoy them when I bought an album that should of came with a bonus ep but didn't as is that case with the new Broken Social Scene album. I guess should of bought the Limited Edition. But alas the internet has my back and I can get and find things like the To Be You And Me EP that came with the new Broken Social Scene album. It contains some 6 songs that didn't make it onto the new album and an alternate version of the album track Major Label Debut.

Broken Social Scene - Bonus EP [megaupload]

Kingblind posted VA - Austin City Limits Music Festival 2004-2005 [LIVE] , a great live album featuring The Pixies, BSS, My Morning Jacket, Calexico and many more...its worth downloading.

and also posted a link to an interesting REM tribute album.

Indie Surfer Blog has a live Nada Surf show from 10 days ago.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Strokes Consipracy

Another Strokes track leaked. This is so lame, the business that is. Has an album ever leaked one track at a time? Not to my knowledge, this is a whole marketing scheme. Radiohead got it down, they knew that he internet downloaders were their friends, that's why the day after they announced the track list to Hail to the Theif it leaked and similar fashion with Kid A. So this strategic marketing move for the Strokes is working because everyone talks about a track for a while then the net simmers down and bam leak another, the nets all a buzzing again. Keeping the Strokes on our minds in preperation for the album release. So RCA, I'm going to play your game, I'm not against it I just see right through it.

The Strokes - 15 Minutes of Pain (song title irony)
props to Stereogum for the track

I think I saw one of these posted somewhere a while back but I'm not sure so for your listening pleasure.

Sufjan Stevens - Live At The Triple Door
. "The Triple Door is a club in downtown Seattle in Washington and the show was broadcast on KEXP-FM."

New Pornographers - Live At The Triple Door. "August 23, 2005 recording by the group to promote their just-released album, Twin Cinema. They played live in downtown Seattle in Washington and the show was broadcast on KEXP-FM. Unfortunately, both Neko Case and Dan Bejar were unable to make this gig."

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Books on Tape

I just came in from UFO's- The Hidden History: (Are we all that is out there? Are we alone in the Universe, and if not is the government covering it up?) It was a great presentation with some interesting accounts and documentations to support the conspiracy. It wasn't what I thought, it was almost completely based on government documents acquired through the freedom of information act. So my turns out it was just swamp gas.

So speaking of aliens, Alien8 Records (...I love that transition) released Books on Tapes Dinosaur Dinosaur this past Tuesday with cover art by Nick Diamonds of The Unicorns.

"Dinosaur Dinosaur" is the latest release by Los Angeles based Books On Tape, Todd Drootin's project dedicated to the style he terms "beatpunk". The tag is definitely apt as Drootin has gained a reputation for fusing hip hop and electronic beats with the energy and mayhem of punk rock. "Dinosaur Dinosaur" further cements this style by incorporating more of the rock spirit of his animated live performances. -Alien8 Recordings

Books on Tape - Bubblegum
Books on Tape - Upon Rock City

Monday, October 17, 2005


I'm not a big baseball fan, actually I'm kind of waiting for the post season to be over so I can get my TV back. When I say get my TV back I really only mean one show which is Arrested Development, the best show on television. They started the season with 3 episodes and then MLB playoffs started. How do you tease me like that FOX, how? I have no idea when the season is going to continue (update: 10.31.05) but I do have all this seasons episodes to watch till then.

You can listen to FOXcasts of the episodes, they're only audio recaps and can never replace the actual show but its there while baseball ruins is on television.

While I'm on this TV rant, The Colbert Report on Comedy Central debuts today after months and months of advertising and teasing. We shall see if it lives up to the hype.

I've been hitting up the Nada Surf hardcore all weekend. I remember when I first heard The Proximity Effect, I was living in my first apartment in woodsy East Texas where there's nothing to do other than drink yourself into a stupor every weekend. The album caught me off guard because it was just another album when I first heard it and I didn't really enjoy High/Low, their debut. Then they released Let Go and I didn't want to listen to it because I didn't think they could top the previous album. After a while I finally got a hold of it and was blown away. I still prefer The Proximity Effect over any of their albums. They just released a new one called The Weight Is A Gift which continues where Let Go left off with Chris Walla from Death Cab doing production work again.

Here's one of my favorites by Nada Surf, a B-side from Let Go:

Nada Surf - Run


Bonus Disc from The Weight Is A Gift

1. From the Rooftop Down
2. Fools
3. Concrete Bed Original
4. Au Fond Du Reve Dore

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sun Kil Moon covers Modest Mouse

I've heard few Sun Kil Moon songs and I've been pretty indifferent towards them. Some I like better than others but the gap is slight which is what I would say about the new album of Modest Mouse covers. The songs are good but I don't terribly hate one or love anyone of them. Music (For Robots) posted Dramamine which I thought was alright but not the best on the album although one of Modest Mouses' best. Here are a couple of other tracks from that album that are noteworthy.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Worth mentioning

I can't play the piano too well but last night I was trying to figure out the intro to Eleanor put your boots on from Franz Ferdinands new album. My primary instrument of choice is the guitar so I figured it out on my acoustic first and then headed to the piano. I don't think I've given it enough effort. I figure I can find some footage of it being played live and just learn by watching but I missed my opportunity when they were on MTV last weekend on Hard Rock Live.

Speaking of MTV, I didn't know Common was getting play on MTV. He actually placed high up in the ranking on the video countdown for his video for Testify from my favorite hip hop album of the year Be. Also I heard through the grapevine that Common dropped out of the Kanye tour to film a movie hours before the tour kicked off. There goes the one reason to attend that show.

Also worth mentioning:
  • I like the SOUND Team post Dodge did over at MOKB, both songs are worth downloading.
  • Catbirdseat has a nice round up of some new releases and some mp3s from each release.
  • Gorilla Vs. Bear has been keeping us up to date on Sufjan Steven all year long and he has posted Sufjans latest, a contribution to the Jeff/Tim Buckley tribute album Dream Brother called She is.
  • Rock Insider has couple of DFA 1979 remixes from the new remix album called Romance Bloody Romance.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I will be attending a baptism, a birthday party and something else in the works. During that time I will also fit in studying for two tests I have Monday and writing a paper due Monday and start reading a book for a paper due next Tuesday. Will I lose my sanity, we shall see.

Captain Planet

We're the planeteers,
You can be one too!
'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Planet has to say

Captain Planet Theme Song

What can I say, its a classic.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Holopaw needs your ear

I'm digging the new Holopaw album. Its one of those album where you have to find the right time and setting to listen to it. Its such a delicate album, if I had a soundtrack for that moment right before I fall asleep, semi-conscience and still partially awake, this would be it. Some of the songs are immediately good from the first listen especially the first track Losing Light and the also the first single Curious. Holopaw doesn't get the love they deserve.

Holopaw - Curious
Holopaw - Losing Light [YSI]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I hate Tuesdays, almost as much as Monday but more than Wednesdays. No real good reason for my disapproval of Tuesdays, maybe just because they're always so uneventful. The most excitment I had today was when I got in a verbal back and forth with a guy who almost ran me over while crossing the street. It was pretty funny actually because he reversed about 40 feet on a one way street to have a word with me. To bad he didn't know I keeps it reals.

I found couple of Tullycraft tunes, I think someone asked about them a few months back after I posted a song on here but couldn't find any others. But they did come out with a new record and are doing promotion for it including radio station performances. Get your sugary sweet indie-pop/twee fix on.

Tullycraft - Rumble with the gang Debs (live)
Tullycraft - Stowaway (live)
Tullycraft - Interview

Not so live;
Tullycraft - Rumble with the gang Debs
Tullycraft - Twee

I was going to throw in an Aesop Rock B-side but how does that fit into a indie-pop post? Tomorrow, Nightlight/Daylight.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Deadly Snakes

The Deadly Snakes lost some of their garage rock sound for their newest album Porcella. It sounds great and I want to hear more but alas these are the only two tracks from it that I could locate.

The Deadly Snakes - Gore Veil
The Deadly Snakes - 200 Nautical Miles

Monday bonus tunes
Manitoba - Dundas, Ontario [remix]
Elefant - Annie

Check out Music(For Robots) for Sun Kil Moon doing a cover of Modest Mouses Dramamine.

I'm too drowsy to think, less words more music.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dissecting the Robot (Flaming Lips Promo)

The Flaming Lips gave away a promo cd for Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots listening parties with them speaking about each song over the song. Kind of like DVD commentary. Actually exactly like DVD commentary minus the visual. So basically is the album with introductions to each song followed by the song.

..."listening parties, many of which will be held at an indie hangout near you, will feature a unique CD prepared by the band entitled Dissecting the Robot which contains all eleven Yoshimi cuts with song introductions by the Lips."

Disect The Robot here

Beck covers Elliott Smith

I was aware of the Elliott Smith Tribute concert few years back but I never heard any of the song and most likely you haven't either...until now

Beck covering Elliott Smith, Live in LA - 11.03.03:
Beck - Alameda
Beck - Clementine
Beck - Balad of Big Nothing

All 3 uploaded here

Clementine is my favorite but thats only because I like the Elliott Smith version a lot. Is it me or does Beck forget the lyrics there for a second on Clementine?.


Blockheads new album is coming out on October 18th. You might know Blockhead from his production work with Aesop Rock on the most excellent Labor Days. His solo music is mostly all instrumental and generally downtempo, his new album Downtown Science follows the same groove with few vocal samples on some tracks. I like the album more everytime I listen to it but I'm still a bigger fan of his production work than his solo material.

Blockhead - Long Walk Home
Blockhead - Expiration Date
Blockhead - Stop Motion Traffic

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Usually when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere I put some music on the background, sort of like a soundtrack to help me hurry (not really, selecting the song usually takes few minutes). I have a certain sound that I need when getting ready, it has to be poppy, it can't be too heavy and I prefer it be something that is familiar. Today I scrolled down my files real fast and the first thing that I saw that met the critiria was AM-FM, few songs I download years back.

AM-FM - A Best Man (Put My Girlfriend On Fire)
AM-FM - Say What

AM-FM make poppy indie rock usually with an acoustic guitar and cynical lyrics. The duo thats AM-FM last put out an album in 2002(or 2003) on Polyvinyl and since then I haven't heard much from them. I'm assuming they moved onto other bands, you know the usual break up story. They did however leave us with some great carefree tunes.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh No

I just saw the trailer for the new kevin smith film Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks. I didn't know he was making a sequel but it seems.....see for yourself here.

This weekend I got ahold of Oh No's album, The Disrupt which got released a year ago last October on Stonesthrow. Oh No is the younger brother of rapper/producer madlib (Madvillain, Jaylib, Quasimoto...), who helps out with production on few songs on Oh No's debut. The album features some great guest appearances by Wildchild, Medaphoar, older brother Madlib and Jay Dee along with few other names. The Disrupt, Oh No's debut is an excellent hip-hop album which show great promise for future releases by Oh No.

Oh No - Right Now
Oh No - Move
Oh No - The Chosen One

Here's a music video for the track Move (Featuring Roc 'C', J Dilla. Directed by Lex Sidon) in two formats.